#AzerothMadHatters (17/18/19)

I got nothing. Really.

Just this.


Momokawa talks to the gnome every day to see what new gadgets he has. He usually has nothing new. (I never would have guessed that earthy-grungy-crunchy earth mother Momo would be such a gear head.) Well, she does enjoy blowing stuff up just like the rest of us. Maybe the gnome is just as confused as we are, and that’s why he keeps making the same old stuff. Oh well. Smoked chicken, anyone?

6 thoughts on “#AzerothMadHatters (17/18/19)”

      1. If you want to sabotage the goblin shredders, you gotta know how machinery works! Failing that, explosives training! It’s all to protect the wild places, yanno.

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