#AzerothMadHatters (22)

Remember how I kind of skipped over a few days? Kind of cheated? Well now I’m making up for it.


Cineza the Fire Mage is coming into her own: since they weakened warlocks so much Kellda is barely recognizable (I can’t get past Silver Proving Grounds with her. Can’t. Tried umpteen strategies and all the mojo I can muster. She’s weak.). Cinema, however, something changed, and she is so much fun to play again. Maybe it’s the moving and casting, which I so miss from Kellda, maybe it’s all the secret, invisible force fields of power, maybe it’s that her procs are a’proccin and she takes advantage of every pyroblast.

But yesterday, she wasn’t quite Level 96. I want you to look at this image and tell me all that’s wrong:

so closeYeah. That happened.

Now, will I go back, walk the tightrope again for the bits of tiny treasure in the box? Blinks don’t go backwards, but she does have her time spell, so maybe. We’ll see. She’s level 96 now.

And cool -she’ll go get that Spooky Scythe to transmog:

Polearm, Your Derpness
Polearm, Your Derpness

And then sometimes I just hate Trade, but at least I know what the trolls are up to.

one two


I repeat: I can’t even

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