Follow-Fatigue Syndrome


See this ticket? I created it this morning. I tried to create it last night but their customer service was on the fritz. I needed to create it last night because I changed my loot gear after the raid to healing, while standing in my storehouse, and forgot that I needed to change the shoulders to the better ones, the ones I just put a newly minted expensively-made haste stone into. I needed to change into my healing togs because I won a healing mace on off-spec and wanted to have it on while I logged-off and tabbed out to Ask Mr Robot to see what would be the best weapon enchant for Zep to make for Miss Matty, (while secretly seething it didn’t belong to her, nor would she ever get one). I then logged back onto Miss Matty to see if I could put in a ticket last night before I went to bed, but alas, no. This is while sitting in the dark I asked CD Rogue to go to the store to get a special light bulb, which turns out, we had one left, so that problem got solved. Cub is sick, so had to follow-up for some other issues, and I forgot to change the milk man delivery and dammit now I have SEVEN CARTONS OF SOUR CREAM.

Do you see what I’m getting at? When they say the ‘devil’s in the details’ it’s no laughing matter. That list above doesn’t even begin to cover the f*cking minutiae that is floating around in my head right now like so many eye floaters. This email, that email, fixing what others break, (constantly), waiting on someone else’s time table to GET SHIT DONE. And all the while meeting a lot of resistance. I’m calling it “follow-up fatigue syndrome,” or FUS.

Okay. I’ve bitched enough. But you can see why, perhaps, I just don’t give a triaged shit when it comes to Azeroth right now.

But hey, there’s poetry. And when life gives you sour cream, make cake. And eat it, too.

Hershey’s Chocolate Sour Cream Cake


PS Okay, I thought I was done but I’m not: not being able to save the Harrison Ford thingy- quests for another day is bullshit.

9 thoughts on “Follow-Fatigue Syndrome”

  1. Oh … the cake. I think I must have that. Not sure when though as I’m thinking of serving pizza for Easter at this point. Hope Cub feels better soon and you find a suitable treatment for FUS. Tequila maybe?

    1. That’s funny you say that because my sister and I had a tradition of making homemade Easter pizza. She’s moved, but I continue the tradition! That cake…and tequila…will solve all.

  2. Baked potatoes.

    I miss Milkmen, but the Raccoons would just feast on anything edible left on the doorstep

    Perhaps you got hit with “Follow-up Collected Knowledge Exhaustion Disorder”

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