Fantasy…what not to wear…

Inside of me, there is a Black Mage...
Inside of me, there is a Black Mage…but I ate her. She was delicious, and came in Drumsticks flavors and Smithwick Beer.

cen front

Great collection of cosplay pics from many venues:

More Proof that this might be the greatest weekend for cosplay…

And once again I think I figured this out too late in life. I’m too old, too Rubenesque, and too fractured to create something that not only would be phenomenal, but suit me and, quite frankly, something I could pull off.

Now, I don’t think I could do this:

wonder woman

But these are getting closer:


But Princess Fiona may have nailed it:


We players come in all shapes and sizes. My burning question to you, if you could cosplay, (or if you do) what would be your fantasy cosplay costume? Imagine you have Colleen Atwood at your disposal, and anything you wanted, given your current age, weight, gender (bendable), and passions, what would you “go as?”

6 thoughts on “Fantasy…what not to wear…”

  1. My daughter and husband did a cosplay each as Sackboy from Little Big Planet.

    My wife and I dressed as two Fisher-Price Little People once. Those costumes didn’t work well. I bet we could manage to cosplay as a Lego Minifig though.

    1. I only dress up in my dreams: I wanted to go as Kellda the Warlock one Blizzcon year, and tried to talk CD Rogue into going as my indigo Voidwalker. He gave it a moment’s thought, and then graciously declined. I also couldn’t get my friend who is a seamtress enough lead time to craft the robes. Someday, maybe. Someday.

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