You lack discipline…


Well, damn. Glad I checked. Zep started off Holy, changed to Discipline, back to Holy, and then now Discipline again. I don’t know why. What I really wish is that she could be Shadow, Holy, and Discipline, but until I get to go all Slap-Happy Gnome on Blizzard, I’ll be left with only two.


She has really been struggling, and having some time to do some research this morning, I can see why. “She” was doing it ALL WRONG. But here’s the thing: I hate talents that do nothing, that have no situational goodness, and are a waste of a Tome of the Clear Mind.

7. Tier 6 Talents↑top

Tier 6 talents offer you a choice between 3 abilities that heal multiple targets.

  • Cascade Icon Cascade is a sort of chain heal. It heals an initial target (with the healing being greater the farther away that target is), and then bouncing to additional allies up to 4 times. Each time that the heal bounces, it splits into 2 heals. It can never heal the same target more than twice.
  • Divine Star Icon Divine Star resembles a yo-yo, in the sense that the ball of energy travels in a path away from you (in front of you), and after reaching a certain point (24 yards away), it returns. Both on the first, as well as on the second trip, it heals allies in its path.
  • Halo Icon Halo causes an effect around you, which expands up to a 30-yard radius. Allies who are inside it are healed, and the highest amount of healing is done to players who are at the 25-yard mark.

Of the three talents, Cascade Icon Cascade is an easy fire-and-forget choice for most situations. It does best in large spread-out groups. For smaller groups, you may prefer the controlled pattern of Halo Icon Halo.

Divine Star Icon Divine Star is weak, and it always eclipsed by Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing, so you should not choose it.

8. Tier 7 Talents↑top

Tier 7 talents offer you a choice of 3 ways of improving your healing.

  • Clarity of Will Icon Clarity of Will is a large damage absorption shield, with a cast time and no cooldown. It lasts 20 seconds, and it does not apply the Weakened Soul Icon Weakened Soul debuff.
  • Words of Mending Icon Words of Mending is a passive ability that causes your healing and shielding spells to grant you a stack of Word of Mending. When you reach 10 stacks, your next targeted healing or shielding spell also casts a Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending on your target.
  • Saving Grace Icon Saving Grace is a powerful, fast, and quite expensive single target heal. It is more efficient than Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal, so to compensate for this, each time it heals it debuffs you, reducing the effectiveness of your heals and absorbs by 15% for 8 seconds, stacking up to 6 times.

For single target healing, you should choose Clarity of Will Icon Clarity of Will. For AoE healing with Holy Nova Icon Holy Nova, the best option is Words of Mending Icon Words of MendingSaving Grace Icon Saving Grace is not a good choice in any situation.

9. Major Glyphs↑top

There are several Major Glyphs that are important to your gameplay.

So now back to the talent tree, where the intent of not having cookie-cutter talents has become EXACTLY THAT.


2 thoughts on “You lack discipline…”

  1. Hm, now I want a Transmog for my Gnome to give her a Red Cone Hat and blue shirt. Or maybe something more Gnomeo and Julliet? Either way, I think Gnomes get a minor glyph for slapping.

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