My last post about all the things I had gotten wrong with Zeptepi is still on my mind. If only Blizzard would grant us all three specializations for any one character, that would be wonderful. Well, maybe not. We have gotten many things we wished for, and not sure we don’t regret letting that genie (looking at you, garrison!) out of the bottle. I know as far as professions go, many have abandoned herb gathering or mining because it’s just silly to hang on to a pixelized identity. Here is my one question: if you could have one character who enjoyed all three class specializations (or in the case of Druids, four) which would it be? Warlocks and Mages have a bit of redundancy, but there is a case for them as well. Whatever you think, I woke up too early, so I’m going back to sleep. Maybe when I wake up this would all have been a dream, and Zep can be shadow, holy, and discipline.

5 thoughts on “Trifectalt”

  1. If it were only one character then I think I would choose Shaman. The reason for this is I would love to try out the enhancement spec more but in pug groups its nicer to be ranged than melee I think and I have the heal spec that I don’t really care for just to be able to get past the queues faster and be useful for guild alts. The change of loot choice is now really supportive at least but still a trispec for her would be nice

    1. Oh…good point. I play a few shamans, more for the race change variety/diversity. It would be nice to pick at least one class and play 3-1.

  2. Cat would like to try Balance again but she doesn’t want to get rid of her bear spec in case she needs it for doing old raids. I couldn’t figure out Balance the half hour I tried it but maybe Cat could.

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