OLRG: Tough toe nails and pedicures.

evil old lady

This is hard for me to write, because once I do it smells of intention and explicit decision making, something for a squirmy Pisces like me does not deal with well. I woke up the other morning and the first thought in my head was “You need to stop raiding.” Now, I have an awesome group I run with now. Relaxed, mostly good-ol’ boys and my friend Breige, and Plaid Elf, aka Ty, and we have so much fun. I’m accepted and heck, I even got lovingly tea-bagged the other night! Hey! I’m one of the guys! But the reality is, for April-May, things are going to be absolute shit at work. I have two big events, one the end of April and one the end of May, and a whole lot of–evil–in between. Turns out I thought I was dealing with an garden snake, but it’s a cobra with a bad haircut. What worries me is I hope this group is still running later – I can maybe do one night a week, but even that feels like I am going to slow folks down, etc.

NOW: that doesn’t mean to say that I have completely abandoned OLRG. Though most old content is do-able, there is still SHIT WE NEED TO DO! For example, Dragon Soul. And stuff. Dragon stuff. With Laser Kitties, duh!

laser beam kitty

So ladies: I need to laugh. I need to be around those who get me. Won’t you join me around 3PM this Saturday for some Old Lady Quality Fun?

4 thoughts on “OLRG: Tough toe nails and pedicures.”

  1. I hope I can arrange a babysitter (husband) because I really need a laugh too! And even if I’m not there the OLRG server is still there it’s just been changed to a Mumble server, login info all the same.

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