It’s in the cards…

black lotus

I want you to listen to the story from NPR about “Magic, The Gathering” and “How Success Almost Killed A Game, and How Its Creators Saved It” by Robert Smith.

Essentially, what the creators did was ensure the game stayed in the players’ hands, literally and figuratively, so as not to make it a game solely accessible to the collectors

Elias and his friends persuaded their colleagues at the company to deflate the bubble in card prices, and make the game fun to play again. It would be less profitable in the short run. But if the game could remain popular for years, rather than being just another fad, it would be good for business in the long term.

The first thing the company had to do was to bring the price of the cards back down, so the average person could buy them again. They did this by dramatically increasing the supply.

Increasing the supply? Sound familiar?

Look, I know there are folks who want Valor Back, who feel dirty and cheap by getting gear and not going inside a single LFR, but you know what? Get over it, please. No one is stopping anyone from playing the game because perhaps Blizzard is taking a cue from the Wizards…the Coast ones that is, and just simply trying to stay in business and keep folks engaged.

Right now, it’s a crystal clear spring night. I have the last of the whisky by my left hand, a job well done behind me, and the sound of crickets chirping on the plains of Nagrand as Haanta sets off to do some hunting. I may never get the black lotus card, but that’s not going to stop me.


6 thoughts on “It’s in the cards…”

  1. It’s kind of ironic, because all they did was mess with perception. True, they no longer have the incredibly rare cards that are worth hundreds of dollars each – at least, nothing that you can buy in a pack these days – but they went from releasing a new set every 18 months or so, to a new set every 3 months. You still spend all the money you used to, maybe even more if you play Standard (the format limited to the most recent sets), but it is spread out over many more smaller purchases.

  2. Oh sure, take lessons learned from one of my favorite games and apply it to another. I suppose I could have applied it myself, but I think I’m too close to the trees.

    And I got an Ugin already.

  3. Not very often but once in a while I kind of feel sorry for Blizzard. It’s kind of no matter what they do they piss off half of us. Then I remember all the money they’re raking in and stop feeling sorry for them, lol.

    HAHAHAHAHA! I revel in my in my dirty, cheap Non-LFR gear!

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