Nap time.


I’m sorry.

I have been allowing my beautiful ladies rest, and a vacation. There seems little of this in the earth world, the visceral world, so I have allowed them to meander, putter, and play as they wish. They read, nap, fish, check on things, (or not) depending on mood and pleasure. I, on the other hand, have been fighting some genuine real life heinous sh*t.

But seriously; look at this beautiful druid, would you? The shadows long and cool, while the small fire warms her face, and the afternoon light softens the sting. This is why we play, isn’t it? Truly? We smell the linens, we hear the crickets, we taste the honeyed mead on our lips…


6 thoughts on “Nap time.”

  1. You should never apologize for taking the time you need, my friend. Real life can be a pretty awful place sometimes, so I’m glad if you’re finding some respite from it in Azeroth. Really hope things get better.

  2. I hope everything looks better after a nap! Is that what you can expect from the vaccines ?They seem to have come of age!

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