Ah, purple haze…

She’s mine!

We kicked evil's ass!
We kicked evil’s ass!

That was totally fun – we need more adventures like that! Not to easy, not too hard, but engaging and rewarding.

Now to see what I can do on my Horde hunter, Selkaa, but not until she’s level 100 – give me something to look forward to!

4 thoughts on “Ah, purple haze…”

  1. Congratulations! I love whoever thought up that. Soooo much better than camping forever out in the lonely wilds. I thought about going back and trying for some of the Spirit Beasts I’d missed but then remembered CRZ. Nevermind.

    1. It might not be as bad as we think – maybe folks are still hanging in Draenor. This is how getting a spirit beast SHOULD be though – far more satisfying and engaging! Thank you so much for finding this gem–(((hug)))!

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