Irritable Blizzard Syndrome

I ca
I can get some items for my purple look, like the bow, but others not so much. Maybe the twisting nether shirt is literally in the twisting nether.

We players keep paying this subscription every month with this stupid, naive notion that somehow this is our game.

Godmother is so smart, so tech savvy, and damn, knows Blizzard and the games ins/outs so well, her level of fangirl-dom is at its zenith. I can’t begin to match it, and won’t even try. Even in tousled conversations at the Matty-Shack over Star Wars (me) and Star Trek (CD Rogue) we’ve managed to come to some mutual understanding and diplomatic detente.

She has diligently explained to us not only why we shouldn’t have flying, but why we should start whining about it, too. All right, all right. That’s cool.


I can’t help thinking about that time I went to DisneyWorld with my favorite, and not so politically-correct, relative. He and I met for breakfast, and looking around, he mentioned how he didn’t think that handicapped people should be so accommodated for at the park, that there were some thing that fat/disable/mentally handicapped folks just can’t do, and get over it. Their obese frames motoring ’round on scooters, or getting ahead in line for rides annoyed him.


But don’t judge me by a weak DNA link. I love this relative, and though he professes Christian values, we know how those go most of the time.


I also can’t help but think of a friend of mine who read somewhere that sometimes folks in wheelchairs love to play World of Warcraft because they can FLY.

I mean, where else can you buy your dragon and fly it, too?

Quite frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn if they don’t have flying in Draenor. It would have been great, I mean, because there are some places even in my garrison I would love to explore, but those places are glued shut. I would love to see my dragons who seem to be spending their retirement in my stables just flapping their wings and setting the stable boy on fire (sorry, Raven, but you should always GET OUT OF THE FIRE). I guess what I would like is for others, including Blizzard, not to tell me how I should feel about it, that though it’s my subscription money, to just deal and stop acting like such an entitled brat. Maybe instead of Draenor it should be “Drain-MORE-money?” (snort)


Just leave it alone. How about that?

If you want to get your mind off of Azeroth for awhile, may I suggest a REAL movie about vampires, “What We Do In the Shadows,” another triumph out of New Zealand:

Remember, when it’s June in the Northern Hemisphere it’s dark in the Southern.

4 thoughts on “Irritable Blizzard Syndrome”

  1. Honestly, I’m not that fussed about not being able to fly in Draenor. Sure it adds convenience but it would lose some of that adventurous flavour I love when you can just fly into that cave a few mountains over. At least they gave us a lot more taxi points to make up for it.

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