Orcs go home…

N2uyjVu - ImgurThis expansion was supposed to be full of fear and testosterone, blood vengeance and second chances to wreak havoc. And I will say, the opening scene of battle where Draenei are being thrown into a vat of boiling something, I believed I would once again be on the edge of my seat, immersed in the story, caring whether or not the denizens of Draenor lived or died. But like a great movie trailer that uses up all the exciting parts of the film, it didn’t deliver.

CD Rogue found these images of a notorious New Zealand gang called the Mighty Mongrel Mob. They, from all appearances, (and appearances are all I have) seem quite intimidating. I mean, their faces alone tell a thousand stories. I’m not sure how who they are, what bonded them together, and what forces they stand against and for, but the images are stunning. They are the real deal. Not that I need to invite them to tea or anything…I’m sure they’re lovely gentlemen, and um…*cough* —don’t Hobbits live in New Zealand, too?

If there is one criticism about World of Warcraft is it’s sanitized aggression. When the green fire quest came out for warlocks, it was difficult not because of the lore or story, but the technical fussiness of the interaction. Most of it called upon precise and capricious technique: the moments when it actually used skills that are peculiar to warlocks was when it was challenging and fun, as opposed to challenging and ITHINKTHISISSOF*CKEDUP. The Gara quest was fun, too, because it gave my hunter purpose.


I have had fun leveling my Horde hunter Selkaa in Navimie’s guild on the Oceanic servers. The storylines are slightly different, and I am discovering new pathways. The time zone difference is nice, too. Because I’m on the other side of the world, when the guild is hopping I’m probably sawing logs. Not that I’m anti-social, mind you, just kind of nice to feel I’m alone with the stars and world.

So- in any case, get your writers back to the front of the line, Blizzard. People still want good stories, no matter what.

8 thoughts on “Orcs go home…”

  1. Thanks for the link, I am frequently a bored panda! I enjoyed going through Frostfire Ridge with Sasche as it was all new. She hasn’t made it to Gorgrond yet, I should have a look.

    1. You know I’m always good for a link or two. Gorgrond is too humid for the forsaken – tell her to bring a moist toilette.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of time traveling as a story mechanic anyway. Though I didn’t really mind it with the things in Caverns of Time. Always thought Blizzard handled it rather well. I think now maybe it’s because those were in bite-sized chunks. The story needs help. It needs something badly. I’m not sure I know exactly what.
    Glad you’re enjoying the Horde sides of the story a little. I did like Frostfire. And I know what you mean about gaming alone sometimes. Not that you don’t want to talk to people… but sometimes that quiet space is a good place to think and recharge.

  3. I also miss the good storylines. I keep putting off doing alliance chain but I should do it because I recently told my daughter the “Yrel” story and she loved it and asked when we can play it…

  4. I have no comments worthy of the name, so instead I’ll share a cocktail recipe I saw on twitter. Presenting, the Werther’s Original: 2 parts brandy, 1 part butterscotch schnapps, top with dry ginger ale.

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