Arkanon Poros, ya’ll

sands of time

Ack! Cough! Cough! Gasp! Sniff…man, it’s dusty around here! So much clutter and dust! The pets haven’t been leveled, the alts are floundering, even the mains are bored out of their pixels…the NPCS have that thousand-yard stare from lack of purpose…praying for a garrison invasion just to break up the monotony, the poor dears. Well, Mataoka ain’t no Halaa-back girl, and it’s time to start swinging again.*

Is it?

This editorial in GeekMom got me to thinking about our choices of time. Of late, my focus has been boxed in squarely on real life, but no complaints. I have found in my brief and fleeting time on this blue rock that where energy is spent is where energy pays off. The Matty-shack is in a transitional phase, one of those moments in history where clutter, old, worn, worn down and out, simply must go clutter up the planet somewhere else. Man, do we human gather a lot of stuff. CD Rogue is still on the hunt for a new gig, young leet druid and cub are doing their things, and I’ve been saying my Kronokai Khrystor’s to just about everyone I know. The outcomes have been wonderful, with the collateral damage being this blog is neglected. I can’t make any promises: I’m not remotely ready for 6.2,* have had to leave my sweet raid team for a bit, and just chip away at my garrisons’ mines and pick flowers, take some Claritin, and pick some more in the herb gardens. Well, I’m up in the middle of the night once more, so perhaps I’ll go back to sleep for a bit, then who knows what the day will bring? Weeding through clothes, books, and mines. Guess I have too much time on my hands.

*The best part of that video is when Guldan rolls his red eyes at garrisons…hilarious. Even he wants to redecorate in shades of toxic green.

*This may be one of the best written definitions in Urban Dictionary.

3 thoughts on “Arkanon Poros, ya’ll”

      1. I’m even more impressed by the toilet paper artist now. My tp was WAY too absorbent and all I got were blobs. Maybe I need the crappy kind from public toilets, lol.

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