Moonwell, we have a problem.

moonwell skitch

Sometimes the real bosses in the game aren’t bosses at all, but menial chores, or death by a thousand paper cuts kind of thing. I admit: had a teeny, tiny hangover this morning, just a little one, and just wanted to goof around and make a pretty mooncloth robe for Pessah. Little gnome priests look darling in mooncloth, don’t you know? (Maybe it was moonshine from the moonwell?)

Zep went hither and yon to collect a few items, and remembered there is a moonwell in the Caverns. Well, apparently that moonwell is just for show, and not actually a functioning one. Since her hearthstone is all used up, she’ll have to wait until she can find a working well, working well. (The one in Shadowmoon Valley doesn’t work either apparently, and has a big stinky rock in it.) Someone needs to call Bob the Super to come over and fix it. One thing she refuses to do is plunk down 2500 gold for a mooncloth robe someone else made.

So guildmates: if you have some extra felcloth lying around, would you send it her way? She’ll eventually find a working moonwell and make that robe for Pessah. Or sell it for some gold. And don’t mention moonwell moonshine to her this morning: her stomach can’t take it.

6 thoughts on “Moonwell, we have a problem.”

  1. Hah, I only ever made mooncloth once, on Menashi (my Warlock *gasp*). Took me ages to figure out where to find a moonwell. I ended up in Ashenvale, dodging satyrs and spiders…

    Zep isn’t one of your druids, is she? I seem to remember that the Moonglade had several wells. I wonder if there is one up at the start of Mt Hyjal?

  2. The moonwell in Feralas, on the border of Thousand Needles, is at what was once an Alliance flightpoint (might still be one?) There is an eternal battle being fought there between cowmen and the pointy eared people, and they’re really too busy to care. It’s the one Del uses when she gets a wild hair to make robes to sell for gold.

    1. Thanks! I found one simple enough, and realized I can use this as an opportunity to get the pet and toy from the solstice events. Now only 700 more burning thingies to go…

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