Pet peeve? Oh most definitely.

Update: I don’t know what happened, but around 3PM my time everything started working again.

Maybe my bitching worked.

Going to name a new priest, Wuhdafuq, because seriously BLIZZARD: what the hell did you do?! Shadow form gone on mounts? WHY FOR THE LOVE OF VELEN WHY? Did some junior designer get bored one day and decide to make this change? And no, shadowy friends does not work. What the hell happened to all my pet slots? WHY AM I A GROWN ASS WOMAN GETTING SO INFURIATED WITH THIS #$!$$!!!!! GAME? i will put in tickets. i will go find what I did. I will try to fix my mounts. But sh*t, Blizzard. knock it off

5 thoughts on “YOU’RE NOT HELPING.”

  1. Oh wow, I thought I was having issues. The worst thing that’s happened to me is no loot from Kazzak (minus the Felblight) and DC’ing while trying to enter the Garrison from the Shipyard.

    1. Well it was fixed in a heartbeat, but that goes to show you where my trust is with Blizzard – quick to freak out. I just need to chill.

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