now you see me…

You know that vortex that is Azeroth, the one that sucks us in, spinning, swirling, unrelenting? That one? Sure you do. Well, I have news. It operates in reverse, too. Somehow I found the switch the operates the machinery to spin clockwise, like some Southern hemisphere toilet. Oh, Coriolis. You spin me ’round ’round baby ’round round….

Anyway, when I do pop into Azeroth I feel like I’m looking down a well, sans Baby Jessica. TOO SOON MATTY! But one fiery chica still entertains me, and that is Ceniza. Between the glyph and some potions, Ceniza just knocks ’em back like tequila shots on Spring Break, and comes up with some surprising looks:

ceniza 6 ceniza 7Ceniza 3ceniza 4

This is her current mog look: gritty, dark, and suits her combustible nature...
This is her current mog look: gritty, dark, and suits her combustible nature…

So I don’t blame anyone for not checking in with Sugar & Blood: this July isn’t quite turning out like I thought it would. Nothing bad, just — topsy? Turvey? And you know – the other day I thought, why not take Pessah the little priest in a dungeon, just for fun? It’s been a long time…and I got kicked after one trash pull. And you know? I thought I am just too old for this shit. And feeling like that —better go see a doctor, all I can say.

4 thoughts on “now you see me…”

  1. I don’t think I have managed to post a single thing on my blog this month. Summer is supposed to be free time, and I am struggling to find mine. I may look like I’m in game a lot, but the afk timer is generally ticking away.

  2. I’m still in Azeroth but as far as blogging I seem to have come full circle. I’m back to lurking not much to say. I’m not sure if it’s WoW or real life causing it. Time will tell if I get my words back.

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