Complaint Registered.

If you miss me, you may send an in-game message to one Sir “T********ER@KEL’THUZAD.”

This is now the third time I’ve gone in the game, with the same heirlooms, and five years of experience on a variety of classes, and the same knowledge of the game as anyone. And yet, something has fundamentally shifted. It’s become too easy, so easy, that when players take their alts into lower level dungeons, and they do not adhere to mechanics, and then die, their vitriol and acerbic butt-holiness comes shining through.

He died pulling too much trash, this making us wait until he wanted to start, in the bug dungeon, and then had the time to type long sentences, insult me, and mocking me in whispers after I left. Apparently I don’t even know where the ‘report’ button is. I do, and I also know where they “ignore” button is.

I’m sick of the fucking trolls, the little pricks, who rule their kingdoms from their keyboards.

And I now have scientific proof: “Gamers Who Troll Women Are Literally Losers.” Now young Sir ****er did not know I’m a woman; he may have assumed I was a kid and bullied me assuming I would cry and stop playing. And he’s right. I’m not crying, but am going to stop playing. It’s not fun to try new things, to level characters/alts, or find anything new and engaging in older content most players have been through a thousand times, and then think because their level 74 warrior has heirlooms they’re hot sh*t and can slice through it. They’re right: it’s boring as hell. Now I could just play my mains when I have time, and I might do that. But five years with the same shaman, as beautiful as she is, is not my thing. I don’t want to quest, raiding is out, and players f*cking suck.

So I’m done.

There is no reason to play this game unless a. I’m playing with friends or b. I’m still enchanted with the beauty and the wonderment of it. I haven’t been able to play with friends because of work and life. Other grown-ass women are not siting at a computer at 10:30PM on a Saturday night writing about punk warrior asshats. I am alone.

And I feel it.

So: break time.

F*cking figure it out, Blizzard. The grown up may be doing something else with her time and money.

10 thoughts on “Complaint Registered.”

  1. 😦

    I’m guessing their name isn’t Ticklemonster then.

    I fully support your decision, and am here to offer a shoulder to grieve on for the sense of love lost. It sucks when you realise you’ve reached the breaking point and you need to let go, if only for a while.

    I think if Blizzard wants to fix the community issue in LFD and LFR, they need to do what they do so well, and rip off ideas from others. In this case, FFXIV’s system, which promotes patience and goodwill by giving bonuses to people for having “new” players in the group, and giving people an incentive to be nice by providing rewards to those who accrue commendations (which generally are earned by being helpful and kind).

    Otherwise, they will continue to have people driven off in the way you have been.

  2. There are so many asshats in this game. I don’t blame you for wanting to take a break but know you still have lots of friends in-game or here when you just need to vent.

    One incident comes to mind (though not as bad as yours) during a ZA dungeon a few years ago. I wrote I needed a bio break and Cool was afraid they might kick me so he said, “she’ll be back in a minute”. When I came back, I apologised for making them wait but Cool said “don’t apologise”. When I asked why, he told me someone in the party said “she probably went to change her tampon”.

    Really? Are comments like that needed?

    Funnily enough, I’ve had worse comments in HotS. I may not be used to that type of game but telling me to go afk because a bot would be more helpful doesn’t really help me.

  3. Oh no, stupid, stupid ass idiot! It’s sad that I get so excited when I run across a nice person in the world because it’s so rare.

    I admire everyone’s bravery though as my way of handling the morons is to just do things alone which is not how I thought I’d play when I started out. It sure would be nice if they made some effort like FFXIV seems to have done. I always wonder if some of the developers are that blind because they are um … similar to these jerks.

  4. One of the reasons why I wouldn’t really suggest WoW to a friend is the toxic community. Obvious there are good, nice people there but the amount of horrible people seems like it is too much.

    I love the Silver Dragon Borders idea. Actually, the FFXIV idea is great, although I wonder if the culture of WoW could handle it. Like others said, finding nice people in an LFR or LFD is so rare and random it’s shocking.

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