Melvoice Place…


I made a new friend today in Azeroth. She’s a Draenei hunter named Taea, and she cracked me UP!

All she had to say was “I heard that in Mel Gibson’s voice…” and that was it.

Every player…every NPC…imagine it…every last one…talking in a Mel Gibson character voice.


Think of this…

King Varian…






Now, I’m thinking my friend Tome would get behind this idea. A whole Azeroth of Mel, pre-crazy Mel, and maybe Garrosh could be played by post-crazy Mel. Think of the possibilities!

Well, while I muse on this for a bit, I bet whenever I get around to calling upon the Old Ladies Raiding Guild to start kicking some ass, September 1 or not September 1, Taena would join us.

It will happen again: FREEDOM!

7 thoughts on “Melvoice Place…”

  1. lol It was awesome to get to meet you and I’m glad we both were on the same page with Mel! 🙂

    Can’t wait to play again!

  2. Oh! I’ll have to dig up some Mel movies to watch to get in character, pre-crazy of course. I would so love it if the Old Ladies ride again!

    Okay, I know I’ve got the Mad Max’s here somewhere …

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