Why is the warlock standing there?


So very anti-climatic: the prodigal blogger returns and this is what I bring? A post about my non-WoW life? I admit am in this weird limbo now–no, that’s not fair. I dug my way out of the rabbit hole but still have dirt until my nails, and took a few worm ends with me. Focusing on work, our puppy, and trying to read more have occupied me fairly fully. But I can’t stay away from Azeroth altogether, but I do question my sanity every time I log in.

For instance, the other night I popped in to see what my raid team was up to. There is a druid healer, let’s just call him “Kuzzyfin.” He is kind of…my impression…sort of….immature. A grown man who gets very agitated when others makes mistakes. That night I must have been mentally bird walking, and he yells in raid chat, “WHY IS THE WARLOCK STANDING OVER THERE!?” F*ck if I know. And let’s be clear: the only reason a warlock, my warlock, was standing anywhere is because they wanted someone with rocks and a portal. I warned them I am terrible at warlock-ing now. Blizzard broke my warlock, and I can’t seem to find the means of gluing her back together. Raiding? Not sure. /meh

The warlock, kind Kuzzyfin, is standing where she wants to be, and you all have been raiding together for months, and one little errant warlock is not going to mess things up. I saw Helke pat him on the back/emote and I asked her to stop it. He strikes me as petulant and mean, a spoiled brat. And trust me: I don’t have patience for spoiled brats–either in Azeroth or real life. Or the real life of Azeroth.

So here’s the thing: in my MMORPG there isn’t enough of the R-to-keep-me-Play-ing. I’ve drained the accounts on making my garrison as customized as I am capable. and I’m with Tome on this one: No big moose to ride? EFU. I want a damn moose.

moose mount


Give me a damn moose or the dwarf gets it. (She being the Master of Hollow Threats.)

What else? Oh yeah- the 100 level boost. Yes, of course I bought the pre-game like a SUCKER – but I missed Sajja and just couldn’t stomach leveling another character to 100. Why, Matty, what’s the big deal. Well let’s just say I had 9 level 100s and Sajja makes the 10th.

Yes, nine. And now baby monk makes ten:

  1. Mataoka –our one and only World’s Most Beautiful Shaman
  2. Zeptepi (priestess)
  3. Kellda (sh*tty warlock)
  4. Haanta (huntress)
  5. Ceniza (mage)
  6. Luperci(paladin)
  7. Momokawa (druid)
  8. Pessah (priest)
  9. Selkaa (huntress on Navi’s realm/guild)
  10. Sajja -monk

Notice the lack of death knights, rogues, and warriors? Yup. Can’t figure those out.

Oh, and Blizzcon? Yes, could have gone again this year but opted to stay home. Not sure why. Oh I know why. A SH*T TON OF COLD HARD CASH THAT’S WHAT.

My Hallow’s Eve decorations are still up in the garrison. The guild bank is full of useful resources I squander. And my coffee’s getting cold. I love the trailers:


and the expansion:

If you want news about wha Blizz is really up to, go see Cymre, Tome, or Navi.

One thing– writing little stories about Azeroth did make me happy, and little joys are awesome.

And by the way, asked a real New Zealander if this smells like New Zealand:



yes it does.


IMG_1824 (1)

and just read:

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel 

Don’t go through that book alone.

10 thoughts on “Why is the warlock standing there?”

  1. Sweet Elune, I need a keeper. I almost bought the book before I realized I have read it, lol.

    Those stories of Azeroth really made me happy too, I miss them but hey no pressure.

    My senior citizen dogs send a lick to your puppy.

    1. She needs a elder dog kiss: our elder dog is not having any of this puppy business. As far as our older dog is concerned, we’ve lost our minds, brought home a wolf, and we should all burn in hell. (Not until the kibble bowl is refilled however.) I’m drifting to too much work, not enough fun writing, so I shall have to remedy that.

      1. The problem with me and reading on the Kindle or iPad is my memory is fleeting where it isn’t if I read an actual paper book, I don’t know what that’s about. I only remember I liked it and I think, I may be wrong, that I was hopeful in the end that things might turn around.

        The only good thing is since I can’t remember what I read I can just cycle back thought everything, lol.

        Our two dogs reaction would be the same. How COULD you human!

  2. I keep starting posts and leaving them there, unfinished, Real life is kicking my butt, and I can’t even really escape to Azeroth, because real life keeps yanking me back.

    My cat looks at your puppy, hisses, and hides under whichever bed has the most laundry pushed under it. I think your puppy is great, but my cat is a jerk.

    1. My elder dog is being kind of a jerk, too, and wants to form an allegiance with your cat. I want to get to the point where I can have both dogs in the same room at the same time. I’d have better luck getting orcs and humans together. Hey, that’s it! A common enemy! Maybe I’ll ring up Illidan to see if he can unite them in forces! And yeah…that real life stuff…*sigh*

    1. I worked on Selkaa quietly when most of your guild was asleep – the few who would be logged on probably wondered who was that strange noob hunter lurking around the red side. Next a priest…somehow I level…and then…yeah. Oh well!

  3. I don’t see myself levelling another toon either. Really looking forward to those scaling zones though. Sadly, I don’t see myself getting that moose.

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