Art and truth.

File this under “I should but I can’t ever get over it” category: I still mourn the loss of my smiling shaman, instead of the resting bitchy face one I currently have (and that is the only choice for Draenei models). 

You can’t tell me this sweet smile isn’t better than there other:

pretty fly screenshot
From MMO Champion

That is a continuing issue as to why I don’t play like I used to. Just give me her smile back, please. It’s her character, her soul–and if she doesn’t have that, then the challenge of writing about a character who’s been taken from me is challenging at best.

But–I still appreciate the fan art–those who have the talent to draw the characters the way they see them. Someday I’ll find the quiet space to create my own again, but this morning for instance, on a day off (thank you Veterans!) I find myself scurrying to clean up because the carpet cleaners are coming because we’re having Thanksgiving guests and I have too many books around the room and and and CD Rogue left the kitchen a mess (again) last night and and and you get the idea. In the meantime, enjoy this — I appreciate the grittiness mixed with other-worldly sweetness:

And this one, which looks like a Blood Elf and Draenei produced a child:


And this one:


I miss my girl–maybe through Warlords Mataoka’s seen some shit she can’t un-see. Maybe there’s another story there, I’m not sure. For now she needs to go clean up the rotting pumpkins around the garrison, and get a cup of coffee from Starbucks. And then post some rant about its design that others think is poorly designed because Baby Jesus isn’t riding a reindeer with a snowman.

hail satan
Venti Flat Whites always taste better with a little brimstone sprinkled on, and non-fat sulfuric soy milk.

Naw, I’ll just be sad about the Draenei design. Just a little bit.

6 thoughts on “Art and truth.”

  1. The only character I wasn’t unhappy with is Sasche the Undead, I had to change her a bit but she’s okay. My Night Elves are too stern and my Draenei … just no.

    I sometimes wonder if the Lead Artist on those revamps had a lot of rejection from women and they now perceive them all as bitchy as a result. Who knows.

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