Don’t mess with kangas.

Pew pew!
Pew pew!

Turns out doing a flying dragon kick to Illidan’s squirrel snack-pack pants is a great way to scare the mog gear out of him. Haanta sought this bow for a very long time, and Illidan handed it right over to her today, no questions asked. He barely monologged. Isn’t it gorgeous? Smells like vanilla and fel fire.

What is the deal with the new mog closest coming out this next expansion, anyway? Is working for mog gear going to be a thing of the past?


So does this mean the Headless Horseman helm that my hunters have gotten a thousand times over, but Luperci Who Is Not A Failed Paladin can now wear it? Really?!

Hey, how come we don’t have kangaroos as a pet option?

Maybe this is Blizzard finally seeing why players love transmog, and understanding that our accounts are just that, our accounts with a variety of alts. Even if you’re not an altaholic, how fun to mix and match gear? This may drive the purists insane, but *shrug*.

Thanks for making the virtual world a bit more pretty, cause the real world is sure sucking at it right now.

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