OLRG: Can’t do it alone!

old southern
There are a lot of unspoken rules out there that apply to me: *sigh*

Thanks to those who could make it out for OLRG: Panda Version this Saturday. It’s not like we didn’t have a few other things on our minds, and November…damn you November. Seriously. It’s the month where annually I am reminded about what a failure I am in all life’s goals. No novel, no fresh new ideas for Thanksgiving, deeply in debt, expectations running high and willpower and energy running low. But hey – at least i can get some chieves, right? Well turns out Mogu and Temple and such aren’t so easy with a small band – those fish-men and temple guardians don’t roll over or play fetch. And the bug things? Fuggedaboutit. They are not going into anyone’s insect display just yet. So, I’m going to have to read up, and enlist my merry band of old ladies once again. And possibly put in an add-on such as RaidAchievement, perhaps?

pand raider

Since this screenshot was taken, two more have been checked off the list – Must Love Dogs and Like an Arrow. The Dogs one we didn’t follow directions (what? me? not follow directions?!) and had any old mongrel, but NooOOOOOooooOOOooo it was supposed to be a perky pug –those butt-scooching, yippy-barking –never mind. Yes, I know pugs have great ‘personalities’ but somehow their snuffling charm is a bit lost on me….and since thieves were on the line, after the OLRG I went in on my own, took the pug out of its crate, and got that one.

But seriously: as much as I wish I was that bad-ass that I could go in there with my own bad self and check stuff off, it’s way more fun and satisfying with friends. Let me know if you can ever go along – I know Saturday afternoons are tough for most of us. Maybe Sunday afternoons? When we’re feeling the Sunday creep, and need something to distract us from what I’m feeling right now, the Monday morning IT’S TOO SOON feeling? Anyway– till next time my stalwart friends. Take heart, be brave, and never apologize for your love of all things fun, joyful, hedonistic, sexy, playful, and caring.

6 thoughts on “OLRG: Can’t do it alone!”

  1. The time was perfect, I was so excited. And strangely I was at home but I was sitting in the car in our driveway with a comatose 100 lb. dog in it and no one to help me pick him up. Had to sit there for an hour and a half until my husband returned to save us.

    I hope the ladies will give beating those guys another shot and that this time RL will not kick me in the ass at an inconvenient time, sigh.

    1. Is your dog okay? Did she just get a case of the ‘vapors?’ Was she taking a power nap? Well no worries my sweet Tome – those raids ain’t going no where, much like a 100 lb. dog. If you don’t see anything happen, just pst me too and we’ll see what we can get started.

      1. Yes and no. He had been put under for surgery for laryngeal paralysis but they found a growth on his larynx that meant the surgery wouldn’t help. At almost thirteen it took a day for him to come back from the anesthetics. Treatment now is to keep him cool and limit exercise and since my BFF is pretty lazy he’s fine with that.

  2. Puppies! Sorry to hear that about your dog Tome, hope he will be alright.
    Sorry I missed the OLRG achievements. I will attempt to pay attention next time.

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