OLRG: Turkeys On Parade

This is how vain I am.

So Thursday night, running with the raid team, and Kuzzyfin isn’t there, so no need to defend my lack of skills, and feeling pretty good about things, I see this…SHAMAN…behind me…and she’s beautiful:

other girl

What. The. Hell.

So I go in for a comparison shot:

No doubt. She is the fairer one of all, by a pixel, but it may as well have been a mile. She seems to have a slightly sweeter expression than the one Miss Sourtotems has, but am I just seeing things? Same horns, same skin tone, minuscule change in hair, but what? What is it? I don’t know.

Recently I posted a picture of me and one of my best friends from about twenty years ago. Bad idea. She looks exactly the same. I, however, do not. I look back on my twenty-one something self and wag my finger of regret (this is Sunday night, by the way, and I just went for a walk with our puppy, and am drinking a beer. CHOICES PEOPLE).

Wait, regret? Naw. I’m still awesome. CD Rogue loves me. My pixels may be in more abundance than twenty years ago, and some lines may have shifted a bit, but it’s okay. I’ve got my OLRG, and people understand when I look more like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.18.57 PM.png


So Old Ladies: Do you have company coming into town for the Thanksgiving weekend? Damn. Do you still want to try to do some Mists Raids? Maybe? Maybe yes? I’ve heard that raiding keeps us young, so perhaps?

I’ll put the call out on Saturday, and I bet we can even borrow a buddy’s Vent. If you’re around, great, if not, I understand.

We’re not getting any younger, ya know.


Damn pixels.


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