Hungry Hungry Hippo Hacks

Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay? I know I promised Señor I’d write more, and stuff, but damn, okay? Sigh. I’m a loser.

Seems these days I’m taking the easy way out. If whatever is in the game isn’t handed to me on a silver plate next to a can of cold PBR and a couple of Excedrin for Headache pills, I just don’t have the time or energy. Yay, money’s tight again in the MattyShack, like…couch cushion crease tight…and job sitch isn’t great, and and and

BUT LOOK! A free Hippo! All I did was click on stuff and it came in its own crate:


All right, so that’s cool. My new obsession is with getting a Grumpus mount. You can keep your hippos, Blizz. I want a freakin’ yeti.

Look, the bills are getting higher, my expectations are getting lower, and trying to balance this tightrope. Everyone has a moose but me, and everyone may have better gear, but I have a big hippo butt! Oh wait…