Moods–quirky lot, those things. All week I’ve been in the mood to write a love story, about waiting, abandonment, life with ghosts, all covered in ivy, icy moonbeams, and seamstresses tailored in silk.

But I can never think of an ending.


But, if anyone’s interested, here’s what I’ve been doing — over the Winterfeast of Veiled Disappointment I made sure to run those dailies as often as I could, on every character, until I got the yeti mount thing not only for myself, but Druid Cub and CD Rogue. Yes, I could have sold the extras, and for a pretty gold penny too, but meh. Oh, and our mutual friend Breige talked me into moving some characters to Aerie Peak to join ConvertToRaid, and I haven’t begun to dig out all the bonuses they offer.

CD Rogue found a new job, so hopefully things will improve around here. I’ll find some head space to write, but right now I just feel this pallid sense of letting everyone down all the time. Over the holiday I did catch a horrible case of blues, so bad, so sudden, that I couldn’t go to my book club. It was weird: it felt anthropomorphic, and cruel. But that’s why we in the Northern Hemisphere light a lot of fires in December. I damn near wanted to set the manger on fire, but nothing should make baby Jesus cry.

Yes, Old Ladies. I need you. Look for requests to go do stuff.

6 thoughts on “Shortcomings”

  1. That sounds like a story with wind blowing through it — sometimes gentle warm caressing breezes, sometimes howling biting cold blasts — and if you follow the wind, the ending will find itself.

    (hug) I’m sorry to hear of your holiday blues. Glad to hear of CD Rogue’s new job, though — I hope that all works out as well as you hope it will.

    I hope that I’ll be able to come along the next time the Old Ladies go to smash stuff. I miss the Old Ladies, too.

    1. You are welcome to take these seeds of s story and intersperse with your beautiful prose–thank you for the kind thoughts, too. Sometimes the only way is to just keep going through.

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