Till the end…


I’m procrastinating as usual– the question of the hour being how has Facebook changed lives–and of course I’m thinking of all the wasted hours–but then again, there was this article about death doulas-– women who stay with people during the end of their lives. That might come in handy in case I outlive everyone. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. In any case, they’re called ‘amicus mortis’ — and immediately: FORSAKEN PRIEST!

Ah, real life. Always an inspiration to my fantasy one.

Now the question is: to heirloom or not to heirloom?



4 thoughts on “Till the end…”

  1. interesting- say have I been here before? seems familiar for some reason. Since I don’t go to facebook, what’s the article about? they live with them, friends with them?

    anyhoo, hi! again, I think.

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