Sgt. Zeptepi’s Lonely Heart Club Band

An apology: this past Saturday I was both sick and decided to do a family thing, and didn’t make it to my own OLRG run. I have an unreliable habit of making promises I can’t keep. But hey, going to cut myself some slack, because I need to report on such a rare sighting, such an unusual phenomenon, that if Bigfoot was sitting next to me pouring me a cup of coffee, or a chupacabra cleaning out my fridge, you would find those more believable than what I’m about to tell you:

I saw the Big Love Rocket drop.


Now I know some of ya’ll have been playing a lot longer than I have, with many more alts. You’ve sought this love rocket near and far, to the twisting nether to the shores of the Eastern Kingdoms, to no avail. (Which lead me to this website–just how much is Stormwind Castle worth?) But if loves eludes us in Azeroth, pray it finds us in the real world at least, even in the form of a beloved pet or pint of pistachio ice cream.

(Pistachio ice cream has never let me down.)

But we Azerothians suffer from something even more cruel than love. We thrive under a gambler’s fallacy, which makes us try again and again Me seeing that Love Rocket drop didn’t discourage me, it made me think if it can drop for that guy, then it surely will for me, too.

We keep trying though.

Oh, and if you’re not listening to the Hidden Brain podcast, you’re missing out.

Look, that rocket will probably never drop for me. But after m4,986th run to get love, this cheered me up:

4 thoughts on “Sgt. Zeptepi’s Lonely Heart Club Band”

  1. The human brain will sometimes grab one tiny piece of a while and launch a digression. It carries this host of associations and the mention of a preferred Ice Cream flavor can map to a prior experience, not necessarily of Ice Cream, but how pistachio shells and old tires (both usually landfill fodder) and reduce power plant emissions! (

    And any Gnome engineer can extrapolate to assume it will probably help clean Love Rocket emissions. Oh. No THAT just sounds dirty!

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