Love takes time.


love yourself
You. An Alt. Love yourself for a long time. TOY!


One major pet peeve I have with myself and Azeroth these days is when I miss a toy opportunity–for the Lunar Festival there was a new toy, but because I didn’t do my research I’ll have to wait till next year. But not for the Love Festival! There is a toy called the True Love Prism, and it’s very easy to get — it just takes patience. “Patience” meaning you sit on your but for 25 minutes and click. Once you get 50 love tokens, buy a prism, log onto an alt, and hit that alt for 50 shots of love. The cooldown for the prism is 30 seconds, so that’s where the patience comes in. Also, I suggest you two go to a dark corner without a lot of traffic –get a room, people–because you don’t want to be like my warlock and spread your love to random strangers. I had to pull Ceniza in to finish the job. My bank alt Kellae has never felt so loved. Once the stack of 50 is on your alt, the toy will show up in your bags.

Too bad the course of real love doesn’t run this smoothly…



And this…this is a shadow priestess…

2 thoughts on “Love takes time.”

  1. That is commitment!

    The video made me want another Shadow Priest, I’ve got to stop deleting characters, lol. And I should probably rewatch last season before the new one begins. All I can remember is John Snow being possibly dead or undead?

    1. You know, it wasn’t really that bad — just grab a cup of coffee, have another tab open, and just keep clicking. And TOY!
      We won’t talk about my boyfriend Mr. Snow like that…CAN’T BE DEAD! 🙂

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