June: busy and painful.

Between me and Tome we’re falling apart. She can’t sit, and I can’t seem to stand enough, and well, just damn. Today I’m home with the wussiest of all things — double ear ache. Nothing dramatic, just need to find some Claritin and clean MY DAMN HOUSE.

Because relatives will be here soon.

And I’m depressed about politics.

And yeah.

But I did finally manage to get enough crystal thingies for the doohickymabob. I am so far behind everyone, and all my buddies got Betas for Legion, and well, damn.

Okay. Enough of this. I’ll come back when I have something more interesting to say.





6 thoughts on “Isolation”

  1. I’m depressed about your politics too. I wonder what this will mean for the world. It’s a crazy world out there. Do you think it will be safe for us Aussies to go over in November?

  2. Politics are always depressing and no matter which way you look we are in trouble over here. I haven’t gotten into beta either and have to hear from people who are in beta how amazing it is. At least there is the movie?

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