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Holiday Glow

I have two other posts I am compelled to write today, but this must come first:

I have been trying to get this elusive beauty for some time: I agree, it’s one of the most beautiful elementals. Cymre, you are wonderful—your writing and information is top-notch, and you are my go-to place for the best part of the game – beauty and fun. I wish I could do something for you–let me give it some thought! This little gem inspired me. Thank you so much, I love her!

Sprite Delight…

Pleading for Taikuutta to win. Or a Gulp Froglet.

My buddy Turk had an extra Sprite the other day, and I had plans on devoting a poem to its way of just, well….making me happy. However, in the meantime, Cymre has a contest for one of her sprites she was cheerfully granted by the RNGs, and I noticed my buddy Taikuutta has several genres of poems represented! Haikus, acrostic, couplets, and hey, what’s this? A LIMERICK!?

This Frolicker is not from NantucketIt will kick someone’s butt, not the bucket
In pet battles it will bring pain
And reduce its foes to a stain
But if it loses too much you just pluck it!

I wish I had an extra one to give him, these little poems are so good. But alas, I am a charity  case when it comes to pets. Wishing you luck, Taik – you have some stiff competition!

Birth of Genius

Nascita di Venere, 1486, Sandro Botticelli

Right before I needed to take my leave of a former guild, a group of players had done Gokk’lok’s Shell, and it sounded right up my alley. But alas, at that time, it wasn’t meant to be. The good news is Cymre put this on her blog, Gokk’lok’s Shell, and it reminded me of one of those fun things I had wanted to do. And, pro tip! From what it sounds like, whenever Miss Matty-Goddess-Pants does her debut on the half-shell, I’d better be ready to get that screenshot stat, because like the Lady Venus, there is a matron who only wants to get some decent clothes on her as quickly as possible, and the moment is gone. Boo!

Postscript: Anyone up for seafood?

Australia Saves the World!

Mayan prophecies got you down? Not sure which calendar to trust, Gregorian, Julian, or other? Well, I’m putting my stock in the Aussies, once again. This morning, a bit worried about apocalyptic visions and whatnot, what do I find in my mailbox, but a beautiful gift from Cymre! Not only did she and Navi let us Yanks know that the world would not end, but gave us all something to care for, too!

I am indeed a Jewelcrafter, but alas, had no idea how to get this spell, or if I knew, the information was lost. Here is my beautiful little cub:

And then, wouldn’t you know?! I haven’t done Golden Lotus dailies in a fortnight it seems, and got a key from some punk Mogu, and look!

What a way to start the winter solstice! Very lucky indeed!

Postscript: Yes, yes I know Australians and other Oceanic folks would have met with the zombie apocalypse the same time as the Northern Hemisphere. I khow how time zones work. I had a very earnest lecture from cross-dressing rogue about this.



Conspiracy theory…

As Cymre put it, “living under a rock,” I will say, yes, yes I was, and it was a lovely rock, with cool moss, and some grubs and worms, and all was happy. But someone stuck a big shovel under my rock and upturned the whole patch of dirt that I called home. The upheaval was epic. I spent the evening talking a few friends down from the ledge over lost spells, and including myself over totem changes – I’m not unhappy, it’s just different, and is going to take some getting used to. But this isn’t about grubs or soil – no, there is something far more sinister afoot in Azeroth!

But–did anyone else notice this? No one else seemed to–everyone, NPCS and players alike went about their business of changing key bindings and whatnot, but Luperci noticed it, and tried to alarm her fellow citizens (being the paladin that she is): The rats of Stormwind banded together and purchased shapeshifting spells and disguised themselves as CATS!

OH, the humanity! Oh, the felinity! Oh, the murinity! (No, that’s not a word, and neither is ‘felinity’ Creative license priviliges, yo.) What the hell is going on here?!? 

With apologies to Navi, I had to kill it to uncover its disguise….

I have a sneaking suspicion somehow Mrs. Whitworth is involved in this, and Señor, I think Cat, is too.

They have also had a hand, er, paw in the missing #47 entrant photo – it was judged along with the other contestants, but the files have been misplaced…or so they claim.

You’re traveling into another dimension…

I am tripping out over the paradox of a virtual fantasy world having its own virtual fantasy lore within its lore; logically, I shouldn’t be surprised that we who live in this alternative universe/reality would also create sub-plots and layers of fiction. Here in our own existence, we have four dimensions: time, length, width, depth, and a confetti of stories to celebrate them together, explain the unexplainable, or manufacture science from legends. Ironyca ponders the urban legends in Azeroth:

If the gobbling Prince does indeed have a wine cellar, perhaps he’ll share some of his good stuff, or perhaps he’s saving that for a special occasion*. Like, when I down Ragnaros. Or, even more unbelievable, get my Real ID to work with some new friends. I smell a conspiracy. And I’d like those bones in cages around the Darkmoon Faire investigated.

*Who am I kidding? He’s saving it for the black-market.

Since it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Take these with a grain of salt:

This is also a true story: there is a new NPC, a pet battle trainer, who is also named “Matty.” 

My reaction:

Oh, and I also heard a rumor that the Yak mount is going up to 120,000 gold.

Okay. Going to hunt for Bigfoot for a while. Much less terrifying.