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Day 30: Cluttered


Got asked a tough question today: What are my dreams? No, not the sleeping, snoring, drooling kind, but the aspirations, the hopes, the “if I could do or be anything right now what would it be?” question. Since my colleagues have dubbed me as the “Metaphor Queen,” I shall endeavor to describe, figuratively, how my life may be right now: I am stuck in a mire, hip-deep in Wellingtons that would go schhlock-ke when pulling them out, but over on the shore I see maybe a novel or two, or a woman who is really good at her job, or perhaps….and that is the thing. The Wellingtons and I only waded in this muck because the things on shore were not that interesting, and there were shiny, bioluminescent things in the water…just there, see? Just when after this, or that…just over the next wave: we were only going to stay a little while. But we keep getting sucked back in. Oh, the muck? Azeroth. But it is pretty.

So: not sure. I do know something needs to change (i.e. someone, that someone being me) and staying in Azeroth has blurred the lines too much, and the Wellies are indeed stuck. I am not prepared to go in my metaphorical stocking feet back to shore: sharp objects and such, you see, but I am willing to start to clean out the mental clutter that Azeroth can ascerbate. It’ll get cleaned up.

Two contrasts of “clutter:”

Chaos from order:

Chaos produced from order: lights, bells, whistles all thrown together by strict and concise mathematical language

 Order from chaos:

The order and cosmic rhythm of Blood Elf architecture: breathtaking in its simplicity to express complex concepts

No Scrubs/TLC