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About that time I was an asshat…



There is a human female mage I’m leveling, as Arcane. I say this in a way to distance myself from her, kind of a cognitive dissonance. You know when you’re first going through Shadowfang Keep, and that Eerie Stable Lantern, (in my opinion the best off-hand in the game), drops? And if you are a mage or warlock how you envy the healers who want that shiny off-hand for yourself? So what if it has spirit on it – you need that thing for your spooky look, dog! Here is one sh*tty justification: the fact that I can level a character from 1-20 in about an hour or two means that by the time I will be over powered to go farm for that transmog piece, I’ll have forgotten about it or won’t care. And then again, those heirlooms.

Yes, I just did that. I asked the player if he/she had an off-hand heirloom, because they were decked out in heirloom gear. No real response.

So is there a new order to gear etiquette?

In this day of easy-to-obtain account-wide heirlooms, so many alts, so much structure and order to gear, are there new rules or etiquette for low level dungeons? Sure, heirlooms don’t cover everything, and then there’s that tasty, sexy mog piece that drops that some jerk disenchants it. I propose that maybe we look at this more closely. Remember, for the most part, we really don’t like playing with one another. Well, we really don’t like strangers, so any act of gear fairness is off the table when it comes to stranger danger. Now when I run with the Old Ladies, sure, there are some cross-tier drops we have to make allowances for: tier sets are more important to Helke than they are to me, but not always, so I weigh out how much I can do on my own versus the social/emotional fun. We had a great time trying to do Dragonsoul yesterday but that spine — that damn spine. We would get an amalgam to nine stacks and then bam, it’d die. We tried, we really did. And I learned that Kallixta is one of the kindest persons I’ve met.

Monuments and Magnificence

I really appreciated Godmother’s post about the architecture of our garrisons. It’s frustrating how it just stops. I don’t want monuments to gear: I want monuments to my stats in game, perhaps, like “Death by Drowing: 1” or some such nonsense.

So my questions are not whether or not I was an asshole when I kept the Eerie Stable Lantern. I was, and don’t care. My questions are should there be some new gear rules for lower level instances, and what other monuments do you wish you could erect, for one and all?