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Sho. Kewl.

You know when Navi says “Go do…” or, “Go to…” you should do it. Immediately. Tell your guildies there’s no more run. Tell your friends and family they’ll just have to wait. Because when Navi says she has something for you, it’s going to be grand:

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!!  The thing doesn’t even need batteries. Runs on pure arcane power and Mountain Dew. I logged onto neglected Escalarta, whom Navi has graciously allowed to stowaway on her guild, and there he was! I have since renamed him “El Corazon,” which means “the heart” in Spanish, because that’s what he is—
Watch out world…he’s a heart-stopper!

Put the hammer down…and PvP Debate Team

Stumbled upon this blog, The Crimson Hammer, through Navi’s blog, and this post on Mogu’shan Vaults.  Even though I am semi-retired from raiding (although at the casual level I was raiding, that is like saying I am semi-retired from being a millionaire – I never really was one, so yeah…) I still find myself drawn to raid strategies and good reads. Some of the Youtube videos are a bit squirrelly for me; the music is awful, and the voice overs sometimes either too smug or too panicky, but they are a good resource, too. But the well-written blog post: now that is something I can get behind. I have always been a fan of Navi’s, I’ll call them “Captain’s Logs,” reports of what went down in a raid – they are fast-paced reads, just like a raid, and provide subtext and insight.

One of my Azerothian buddies, who has been a great restoration shaman healer mentor to me over the years, leveled his own shaman into LFR, and in his usual style, rocked the house in healing. I am posting this link for him too, because like me, (although he is a “real” raider as opposed to my poser status) we were both laughing about whether or not we cared about this sort of thing. Well, I do and don’t – I’m still interested, and I like to know stuff. I just do. And what’s cool about him is he understands my real life demands, and still thinks I’m pretty smart even though I may ask a dumb question from time to time. Like this one:

My next research project is to find out answers about PvP gear verus PvE gear. Last I remember reading, there were supposedly going to be some changes so that if one was wearning PvP to a PvE event, it wouldn’t be such a big, fat deal. I’m still hearing players complain of “he’s wearing all PvP gear!” and am curious about this shift. Did it change? Did it not? I understand the stat of resiliience, always have. The way I had it analogized for me in the past was gear stats were like a bucket–you had to make sure you filled your bucket with the right things. Resilience used to take up a lot of volume in your bucket. Okay. Simple enough. But now what? Is resilience just an extra layer of protection, Mormon underwear if you will, when one is doing PvP? Or is it the same, where if you’re caught wearing PvP gear to a PvE ball, you will be stripped not only of your glass slippers, but risk being heckled?


Not sure I care this much. Nerd Judges, what say you?

Postscript: By the by, this is my 999th published post.

Educating Miss Momo

Momokawa hiding in a tree

Yesterday, a minor calamity. My coffee maker, well, it kept leaking and damaging the counter, so much so I found a puddle of coffee in a mixing bowl in the cupboard. So, into the garbage, and going to wait till payday to get a new one. And the a/c broke. It keeps freezing up, and it finally turned warm. These are silly, menial bugaboos, but suffice it to say I’m not feeling super sharp right now. My similes are sloppy and my metaphors mopey.

Thank heavens other writers are writing great just-in-time articles:

Navi provides another amazing comprehensive guide to her tree spec and choices. See people, this is what I’m talking about! Now I am going to take a look at Momo’s and shake up her tree a bit:

Also, Tzufit has a wonderful reflection on our sense of competition and raiding progression:

Finally, JD writes an editorial on why we should have account-wide ignore:

His idea has been expressed recently even in my guild chat. I was musing to myself that if that happens, at some point none of us will be talking to anyone in game, kind of like how no one likes to go out anymore–we all just nest at home. And in our nests, if we find friendships in the social interactive world, and get to pretend we’re flying and killing dragons, what a bonus!

This brings up a bigger issue, and I was trying to find the research to back up this theory, but in any social context, things start off great, and then disintegrate. My druid Momokawa has been the recipient of asshattery, and I am hesitant to even log into her character for the concern that again, she will not win the healing mace to make her more efficient, or any of the tokens she needs to help her help others. But that’s what I get for having so many alts and enjoying the game on many levels–shame on me! If I had just focused on one or two, they’d be flying around on their blue dragons with talking staffs and there’d be cookies and ice cream for everyone! (This brings up my annoyance – I just wish we could trade good weapons across our alts. Know it will never happen, but sure would be cool.)

Some links to articles on social interactions and computers:

A link to what motivates us: (love, baby, it’s always love)

And finally, a book review link from a Forbes writer, Why Doesn’t Society Just Fall Apart?

I have no doubt that the wizards at Blizzard take long, hard looks at these kinds of studies.

Even Yoda evolves…

However good the intentions are of MMOs and their desires for us all to get along, work out our own issues, and report for spam, my continued response is we are not sea-monkeys. We did not spawn out of salt and water. Well, we did, but okay, I’m hoping we’ve evolved a tiny bit since primordial soup and crackers days. Soup to nuts is more like it.

We all want to belong.
In the efforts to belong, sometimes humans are cruel thinking that is what will gain them social status.
We all need play.
In our efforts to find respite and relaxation, sometimes we choose activities that are competitive and goal-oriented.
Sometimes people are jerks because they are.
Studying their motivations for psychotic behavior is a full-time job, and we as a society often fail tragically.

Case in point: Yesterday I was went to LFR with my dear friend. There was this shaman healer, and something…wasn’t right. A druid grabbed the healing off-hand, and you would have thought he punched the shaman’s mother. The shaman would NOT SHUT UP, even after the druid whose main space was resto, offered to another healer besides the two who were griefing him relentlessly, and I mean relentlessly. I even opened my mouth. The shaman kept yelling NINJA NO HEALS I WILL NOT HEAL IF DON’T GET THINGY NINJA NINJA….and guess what? I voted to kick after we wiped twice on Blackhorn or Blackthorn or whatever, and he was not healing anyone. It took another wipe before people clicked to kick. Unbelievable. It was quasi-hostage mode. I know certain personalities I like to call “hostage takers,” who play the social game stakes way too high. These are some scary, crazy dudes. Maybe he read The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. Or maybe he didn’t.

The fact is behind the screens are many mentally imbalanced folks. We are not doing a good job as a civilization in taking care of them. Now, I am about to veer off into territory I don’t want to, so I’ll stop now.

So when life takes your coffee pot, make tea. It’s more civilized anyway.

Postscript: Just saw this image on Facebook


Okay, enough whining about not understanding theorycrafting.

I’m good at other things – friendships, and baking French Vanilla cupcakes at 10PM. Oh, and finding strange things on the Internet – when doing some research for Ironyca’s post, I came across this image:

How would you like to be taking out the trash and find this on your trashcan?

That…thing…and yes, it has a mother, whom I am sure loved it…is a coconut crab. And when I went to look for it again, and Google’d ‘coconut crab’ its image was linked to images of very big…coconuts, too. Kudos to the purveyors of those other coconuts to use a commonly searched-for image to peddle their wares, too. You’re on your own with this one.

But in my “I am not hit-capped-yet-and-way-over-on-my-expertise” funk, Navi popped into my world for a screenshot! Delightful!! As sweet as a cupcake and nutty as happy squirrel, she made my morning! I summoned her, hopped on my Sandstone, and away we flew to a big white tree in Crystalsong…did you know when you land on those limbs, they sway? Did not know that. Just like I didn’t know those crabs existed…and landwalk.

Theme Song: I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Attention, please:

1. Navi will be on Twisted Nether! The sweetest Tauren Druid in all of Azeroth will be on the Twisted Nether blogcast this Sunday! Check it out:

2. JD received some well-earned publicity for his Transmogolympics, and by riding on his plate coattails, so did this blog: (Never in my wildest dreams did I hope I would get a link from joystiq…)

3. Movella is a fun fan-fiction site – check it out and read something besides NPC quest journals:

Culture wars.

What a great day today! I went to the dentist, and have a searing headache, but nothing a little ibuprofen can’t knock out. I am thankful for my teeth, my dentist, Dr. Morales, who is short, so he doesn’t have to bend down far when he looks in my mouth, and I am thankful for ibuprofen, which makes me feel gooooood.

Last night I had fun with my new guild at my first crack at a raid with them…but I was a little worried about it at first. Get on Mumble, and there is a young woman’s voice who is obviously southern (central US time is server time, so like Greenwich Mean Time, central time is the basis for all Azerothian clocks). She opens up discussion with a statement or something about “English should be the official language of the U.S. Discuss.” 
Uh oh.
I think we all know how I feel about that. I wasn’t sure where her logic was going to go, but she said something about most countries expect us (U.S.) to speak their language. That has never been my experience in my world travels. Most foreign countries I’ve visited speak perfect English, and most speak multiple languages. In my own job, I can be exposed to over 120 languages. True story. And knowing that many have hopes and dreams of coming to the US and not being able to speak English, but working so hard to do so, I see it every day. It ain’t easy.
I did not feel like getting in some big “thing” with this new guild-mate, however. You may think less of me, you may not care, but I have learned from experience that if one has taken a position based on what Fox news reports and assumptions, it is wasted breath. Later, she asked me how I felt about Johnny Cash, and on this issue we found common ground. 
The raid was fun, make a few hiccups, but others did, too, and overall, I really like this group. I’m sure we’ll find a common language. 
But–if all else fails–Johnny Cash can’t save us…we’ll just have to study Navi’s Aussie Guide.  Because figjam. (Navi, is that a thing?)
I want this:
Needs no translation.
Coincidentally, this is the song I was thinking about the morning of the raid: Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, covered by Johnny Cash 

Postscript: I really like my new guild, very much. And I do not care that they have different political views than mine–makes things interesting. 

The Boon: Navi’s Epic Poem: The Rime of the Ancient Val’anyr

Epic: An epic (from the Ancient Greek adjective ἐπικός (epikos), from ἔπος (epos) “word, story, poem”[1]) is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation

Navi: a superlative writer, rhymer, and friend

Please – click and read:

PS This is why Navi is a better woman than I: