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OLRG: Ain’t Love Grand?

olrg man


Old Ladies Raiding Guild: Gird Thy Loins.

Clearly: We have Cupid/Eros in our midst. He beckons to us, dangling his…shiny…blue…er…hook, baiting us, the merman, this Neptune, the Poseidon-adonis of the Waves. I believe, given a little pixie dust and smoky Manhattans in Lalique highball glasses he could actually fly.

Love? Sure. If that’s what you want to call it.

Let’s make him proud:

Old Ladies Raiding Guild

Saturday, February 13 — anytime between 1PM Pacific and whenever.

Glitter optional.



OLRG: Can’t do it alone!

old southern
There are a lot of unspoken rules out there that apply to me: *sigh*

Thanks to those who could make it out for OLRG: Panda Version this Saturday. It’s not like we didn’t have a few other things on our minds, and November…damn you November. Seriously. It’s the month where annually I am reminded about what a failure I am in all life’s goals. No novel, no fresh new ideas for Thanksgiving, deeply in debt, expectations running high and willpower and energy running low. But hey – at least i can get some chieves, right? Well turns out Mogu and Temple and such aren’t so easy with a small band – those fish-men and temple guardians don’t roll over or play fetch. And the bug things? Fuggedaboutit. They are not going into anyone’s insect display just yet. So, I’m going to have to read up, and enlist my merry band of old ladies once again. And possibly put in an add-on such as RaidAchievement, perhaps?

pand raider

Since this screenshot was taken, two more have been checked off the list – Must Love Dogs and Like an Arrow. The Dogs one we didn’t follow directions (what? me? not follow directions?!) and had any old mongrel, but NooOOOOOooooOOOooo it was supposed to be a perky pug –those butt-scooching, yippy-barking –never mind. Yes, I know pugs have great ‘personalities’ but somehow their snuffling charm is a bit lost on me….and since thieves were on the line, after the OLRG I went in on my own, took the pug out of its crate, and got that one.

But seriously: as much as I wish I was that bad-ass that I could go in there with my own bad self and check stuff off, it’s way more fun and satisfying with friends. Let me know if you can ever go along – I know Saturday afternoons are tough for most of us. Maybe Sunday afternoons? When we’re feeling the Sunday creep, and need something to distract us from what I’m feeling right now, the Monday morning IT’S TOO SOON feeling? Anyway– till next time my stalwart friends. Take heart, be brave, and never apologize for your love of all things fun, joyful, hedonistic, sexy, playful, and caring.

OLRG: Let the …… …….burn


My sweet, sweet Old Ladies: whatcha doing? Are you okay? Have you wondered where the hell I’ve been? I’m up to my sleep-deprived, twitching and red eye balls trying to grapple with the diaper load that is real life. You too, you say? Well, hell. I just wanted to say if you’re around this weekend, and feel like doing something, anything, please let me know. I’ll send out the call in the afternoon on Saturday, and if you feel up to it, let’s go do something. Hang out in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and drinking schnapps. Shoplifting Slim Jims and Snickers bars. Setting small buildings on fire and drinking lattes. Gee, I don’t know. I’m tired of being worried all the time, and now there’s this. (Yes, you want to click on that.) Let’s go punch some dragons.

OLRG: Big hair blues

Kellda: Just relax. You’ll get that gear.

I have some unfortunate news: this Saturday, the 10th, and the 17th, I will be unavailable for OLRG shenanigans. This is quite disagreeable, because I am ready for some light-hearted adventures. I need to give a shout-out to Hawt: she is indeed one of the kindest, and most patient, team leaders I have ever met. If I had her for a supervisor, I can tell you the colors in my world would be much, much brighter. She let me bring my priest Zeptepi into Heroics last night. I worked and spent a ton of gold on her to get her ready, and have switched back to Holy, which I am in love with again, but she still needs gear. Turns out, a lot of her regular player friends have ALSO made the switch to Holy, and too many healers spoils the run, so I switched to Kellda the Warlock With the Big Hair but No Gear. Long story short: it occurred to me around midnight when I could not fall asleep I should have left the evening’s fun. I may have made it awkward for Hawt, and I never want to do that. Kellda is far from ready. You know when you get whispers from other players on how to play your character you’re in trouble. Um, hello!? Warlock expert here…but the numbers didn’t show it. Ah, the eternal Catch-22 of play: can’t get great DPS/HPS without gear, and can’t get gear unless you’re in the game, and can’t get in the game WHAT THE EFF ONLY THREE CRAFTED ITEMS? Talk about shenanigans. Blizzard limited the gear from LFR, so not only have they forced our collective hands to do normals+ if we want gear, we can’t even wear our handmade-clothes.


So, yes, the frustration in my heart was fairly palatable last night. I still want to finish Dragon Soul, and some other places where there may be ponies.

But then I come across something like this, and think, FUNZ. No, no, that’s not nice. I think, “Look at that! When life gives you volcanoes, roast marshmallows!”


OLRG: Everyone needs an owl!

Yeah, so I read Buzzfeed. So what?

So I challenged myself to get Momokawa to Level 100, gear her up, and be ready for another, and last go, at Molten Core with the Old Ladies.Though a few of my chicas still need their 640 helms, I am really trying not to play so much. In fact, I have a date with a friend at our workplace: we love to go and hang out, get stuff done, and consider our work our ‘studios’ if you will. I would rather go to work than stay home, too: I’m on strike for kitchen duty: I’ve emptied the dishwasher and filled it every morning this week while the nocturnal druids of the Matty-shack snooze away, and I’m not having it today. It’s killing me that there is a pile of dishes left for me every night, and I’m trying to be understanding. So, efff it –Momokawa did her Silver PG with no problem (what the hell was up with the priest anyway? Maybe my bitching, er ticket to the GMs “fixed” it.) She ran some LFRs, got some goodies, had some crafted gear made, and voila! She is ready for her close-up, and her helm.

Kick-ass Momokawa
Kick-ass Momokawa

Oh and look! Since switching to WordPress, I too now get my Annual Report. The post “Bitchy Resting Face” is the clear winner, but only because a superstar like Cymre reposted it. I don’t know if I can top that one, but meh. It’s cool, it’s cool. Those Draenei still suffer from BRF, and the human females still have thyroid issues, and the Devs and GMs do not care.

I see your apathy, good sirs, and raise you with a hearty WHATEVER.

In any case, here’s my week – work, play, clean up Christmas, work, play, work, watch LOTR marathon, work, play, and SATURDAY – want to go again? Around 3PM Pacific time? Maybe a little earlier? What say you?

OLRG: By Fire Be Awesome!

Well my sweet, sweet winter holiday break is in its last week. The house is a wreck. That’s what happens when people live in a space. I mean look at this one countertop: EASTER EGG GRASS? W.T……..! It was up in the cupboard where I keep my Crock-Pot. I found all kinds of things up in that cupboard. Regardless, I made chicken ‘stuff.’ I added chicken, pico de gallo, onions, Roma tomatoes, seasonings, etc., and then yesterday evening CD Rogue asked me what ‘we’ were doing for dinner. Hate that ‘royal we,’ but yes, CD Rogue, there is a Crock-Pot FULL of chicken for tortilla soup. I know his question was innocent, but…okay. See what I get for trying? Easter egg grass and knocked over spices.


It wasn’t quite right – it needed either black beans or something, else, but it was pretty good. But yes, that resulted in a lot of dishes to wash and Easter egg basket grass on my counter. I am trying desperately to clean out clutter this week, but somehow clutter breeds, spawns, like a fungus. I read this article not too long ago about a Zen master of de-cluttering, and her simple advice was if the object doesn’t spark joy, trash it. There are a lot of things in my world that will not meet the ‘joy’ test. E-mails, both valid and spam, recycling, trash, books stacked on books, and of course jokes sent by my dad:

Dear Friends,

With  the New Years celebration close upon us, I would like to share a personal experience with my friends about drinking and driving.

As you know, some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time, often on the way home after a “social session” with family or friends.

Well, two days ago, this happened to me. I was out for an evening with friends and had more than several beers followed by a couple of bottles of rather nice red wine and a few vodka shots. Although relaxed, I still had the common sense to know I was slightly over the limit.

That’s when I did something I’ve never done before – I took a taxi home.

Sure enough on the way there was a police roadblock, but since it was a taxi they waved it past and I arrived home safely without incident.

This was a real surprise to me, because I had never driven a taxi before. I don’t know where I got it, and now that it’s in my garage I don’t know what to do with it.

Happy New Year!

Even yesterday Cymre asked if I had a screenshot of something, but alas, I didn’t – I’m trying to delete thing as I go, otherwise I end up with a cloud-level storage of screenshots and guilt. Guilt because clutter has a cost–it reminds us of all the things we haven’t, and probably won’t, accomplish. I did take screenshots of our Saturday’s OLRG Molten Core edition, but they were kind of…bad. Fortunately, Helke came to my rescue yesterday when she sent me a great screenie:


We had a great time: we didn’t have Vent on, and I missed not hearing folks’ voices. When our budget allows, I’m going to look into getting my own Mumble service. Vent is good, but Mumble always has clearer and more even voice tones. I’ll give you the information next time we play, but in the meantime here is a link to download Mumble. Molten Core, from what I understand, gives players the true experience of what it was like to raid in Vanilla. I guess. Not sure even the Wizards at Blizzard have that good of a time machine. I wish the enchant dropped more, and I certainly wish the pet dropped, guaranteed, too. But alas they don’t. Of course they don’t. Sometimes I feel like Blizzard throws its players a huge party and then expects us to pick up the check. Whatev.

Regardless, we went, we conquered, we got our hats, and all is well! I’ll try to get a group for next Saturday, too, if we manage to have any alts that need to go. I don’t know about this alt thing anymore, either. Having some doubts. I need to write about my feelings about the barn and trapping. Let’s just say on the Alliance side it feels like I’m compromising my values and running with the redneck hillbillies from Duck Dynasty. Yuck. When did Homer Stonefield and his son become such incredible yokels? And do you remember when we worked so hard to get Maybell Maclure and Tommy Stonefield together? Well now she just walks around the Barn like she’s on heavy-duty doses of Thorazine wondering where did it all go wrong…

Oh well.

So, till next time my intrepid OLRG: onward!

OLRG: Checking off boxes on an invisible list…

lit up
Time to light it up!


I ended my work week on a bit of a angry note: did you ever work with a micro-manager, or someone who is so opposite of you on the Meyers-Briggs scale, that you wonder if there will ever be a bridge long enough to span the X-Y access divide? Well, I’m taking this short holiday break to try to wash all that away. It even snowed this morning! It looks quiet and beautiful outside, all hushed and sugared. Yes, I have a lot to do, mostly things I’ve procrastinated, squirreled away, and now it is the time to take those nuts out of the knotholes and ease my mind. This morning when I took the M-B test I came out INFP: Introvert (only slightly over extrovert – truly an ambivert), Intuitive, Feeling over Thinking by A LOT, and Perceiving over Judging. Some days I’ve come out more Extrovert than Introvert, so the data is skewed depending on mood. I don’t want to carry any negativity with me into December–it’s too dark,  too amazing, and too Solstice-y to burden with others agendas.

Besides, through the prodding and motivational speech given to me by Young Leet Druid, I persevered through the Bronze and Silver Challenges for both restoration and enhancement specializations, (and trust me–it took perserverance) and then queued up for Molten Core. I tried about four groups until I found a perfect one. Each group was disorganized, chaotic, and thought they could run it like it was still 50 levels below them. It’s not, but you know what? When you follow the tank(s), it’s not bad at all. I even took a screenshot of the amazing, funny group, so I would have a record of it:

nice group

Now, I posted this as an OLRG notice: we have until January 6, but believe we can get this done far in advance. We can join up as a party, and then queue up for MC. Since we’ll have more than five of us, we’ll be in the majority rule, and there will be no bruises or kicks. Promise. And since you have a ringer healer (moi) we’ll get in fast.

So: look over your calendars, and tell me what’s what. I’ll be around most weekends in December, and will be on holiday break, too. “All” you need to do is gear up just a tiny bit, and pass the silver challenge. If I can do it, you can do it. Now off I go to get Azeroth chores done, while I look at the pretty snow.

PS: Tome!

warleader tome

Back from the dead…

We are also on the Island of the Dolls...
We are also on the Island of the Dolls…

Years ago, Ironyca posted a great article about creepy things in Azeroth. And when I came across this poor woman in Stormwind; her ghastly moon-pale face, staring doll eyes, and expressionless visage, I couldn’t help but be reminded of another haunting place: Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls). Please do not click on it if you have, know, or seen a child or a doll. I’m just glad that there is such thing as the Internet so it gives me maps of places like this so I can never, ever go there, thank you very much.

Kellda's violet eyes
Kellda’s violet eyes

Disingenuously,  I do continue to go to Azeroth on a daily basis, and there is plenty of creep there. Creep and creeps. I am sorry about my ranting post yesterday, and I’m sorry for this rationalization: there is too much real-life stuff for our so-called comrades in Azeroth to be so petty.

I have wanted to do a screenshot series of the top ten most beautiful or haunting graveyards in Azeroth: I know I’ve spent plenty of time in them, and spent a lot of gold on Resurrection Sickness repairs. I’m just too impatient sometimes. Even Jesus supposedly had to wait three days, but that didn’t stop the repair bills. In the meantime, here are some beautiful ones from around the world.

Today I have to go to work for a few hours, and time for screenshots and my beloved OLRG will have to wait. Now it’s time to drink black coffee, because unlike chocolate for Dementors, black coffee dispels most harm for me. Huh. Chocolate for Dementors. Sounds like a good guild name.


Postscript: I was AFK and came back to find Kellraen dancing (in a creepy way)– this must be a new feature of elvui:

elvui stff

OLRG: KNEEL! Okay, and we’ll give you a sparkle purple pony…

corrupted Turk and I have been trying to get Only the Penitent for oh, gee, well, quite some time now. I know we OLRG have tried once and again, but I think we all get so afraid of screwing it up it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Last week or so I went with a pug group and got Do A Barrell Roll! because the group blasted the bird fast, did not worry about feathers, or flying, or adds — knew that if you kill the bird fast no one gets a chance to get hit by anything: OTP takes a little more caution (insert understatement here). But it is, in truth, very easy: before you step hoof or toe outside the bridge, you click on the cast bar, and then hit your “sit” button about halfway through the cast. Have three and three, sit in the little puddle, and then when someone says CLICK! click on the big fiery ball. That’s it. We even did it without Vent. The trick is to be cautious, do not rush, and do not get nervous. “Keep Calm and Click on the Orb” kind of thing. We tried for Stay Chill for Turkic, but this group got a little excited and one hunter killed the boss in one shot. Um…yeah. She had the highest DPS though! Hooray! I told Turk the OLRG knew what to do, and we could help him out.

But this brings something to mind, and not sure how to frame it. I guess that sometimes even though we are good players, we can still be bad. I am constantly in awe of Helke and her Shadow Priest. Shadow Priests are notoriously difficult to master, and often cast in a disparaging light. (Get it?) But she always tops the damage meters, while I struggle to even stay in the top ten. I admit I am a little concerned that when Hawt’s group moves to Mythic, I’ll be ask to stay home and watch the minions, and those top performers will be asked to the ball. And I wouldn’t blame Hawt one bit. Loyalty to a friend/cause only gets one so far in Azeroth. I am drafting a eulogy for Coco because of this sorrow. My gaming regret is that I left Mataoka neglected, and was taken in by the allure of Kellda. It is truly cruel to give someone epic powers and then renege on the deal. (Looking at you, Blizzard.) So, I am in a quandary because I am not really sure who to take when the Iron Horde needs its testosterone and steroids kept in check. We all want to be unique, and bring something special to the group. Maybe that’s the biggest illusion of all, however.

Anyway: I purposefully woke up early so I could have some quiet time to myself, and I only have about forty minutes left. I am going to pay the price later, that’s for sure. I’m getting that “thing” where I get grumpy because I am feeling parsed out and chopped-up by all the demands of the sheer volume of voices that need my attention, or criticize and mask it as “suggestions.” Ambiverts need Vitamin Alone Time.

Sh*t. Maybe I’ll just move the whole lot of them to an RP server.