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Why I can’t have nice things.


This is Sajja, a monk. See that pretty robe she’s wearing? Nightfire Robe? Well, Miss Shaman had some gold to burn, and saw the pattern on the BMAH for about 1kgold. She really wanted it, so over bid. And won. For 4kgold. And then promptly saw three of the same patterns for sale on the regular AH for about 143 gold.

I need to stop playing this game.


That’s all I need to say.


Sweetness & Boredom

mataoka june 2016.png

So many of you have been enjoying the Legion PTR, giving us great tips so we’re prepared, but alas, I am going full-on grasshopper, screw the ants, being lazy, making stuff, and doing whatever is my fancy. For a few months, something wasn’t right — my hips constantly hurt, and turns out I have mild arthritis in both hips. It’s okay — I’m going to make sure I keep walking, etc. but sitting and playing for hours isn’t and can’t be my life anymore. If I sit for awhile, I need to be writing or planning. Or planning writing. Mataoka hasn’t spoken to me in a while: every time I log on I sense this sentient-being exasperation coming from her. She is bored. She’s dying to redecorate the Garrison, or do time walking dungeons a BIT MORE FASTER PLEASE, but alas, none of these things are in her control. And perhaps that’s the heart of boredom: when we don’t feel any sense of control, we give up. And when we give up, nothing engages us.

I know there are a few things that I will regret if I don’t do before Legion comes out, but damn if I feel like it. I haven’t even seen the Warcraft movie yet. (!) I will, I will…maybe even tomorrow. For now, I’ll just enjoy spreading a few pixels around and gazing at her pretty face. She’ll find some substance soon.



June: busy and painful.

Between me and Tome we’re falling apart. She can’t sit, and I can’t seem to stand enough, and well, just damn. Today I’m home with the wussiest of all things — double ear ache. Nothing dramatic, just need to find some Claritin and clean MY DAMN HOUSE.

Because relatives will be here soon.

And I’m depressed about politics.

And yeah.

But I did finally manage to get enough crystal thingies for the doohickymabob. I am so far behind everyone, and all my buddies got Betas for Legion, and well, damn.

Okay. Enough of this. I’ll come back when I have something more interesting to say.







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I really hate the new Instagram logo.   And I’m not sure why I give two poops. Reading rationale and “you’ll get used to it” from the designers, (yes, we took your adored, beloved, cherished skeuomorphic little cutey-pie app logo and made it look like every other turd design out there) I had a moment of PTSD for when Blizzard changed our models, and told us, too, we would ‘get over it.’

I’m not.

What the f*ck is that, anyway? Is it the special snowflake bullshit for 20-30 somethings,that every piece of art is refrigerator worthy? I’m sorry to break this to you, gentlemen, but you are amateurish.

Are there bigger problems in the world? Yes. Am I getting my panties twisted? Perhaps. Just for once I’d like something left alone.


*I miss my Draenei*

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Right now I am kicking myself because of all the things I’ve said “Yes, I’ll do that!” and I want to back the flip OUT. Damn my ambiverted self! The extrovert says “SURE LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!” and the introverted side rouses itself too late and says “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, SHIT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” CD Rogue got some disappointing news yesterday that affects both of us and came home asking “Who do I sue to get my life back?” I don’t know. Stupid political shit we’ve known for years is hard to fight. And even my beloved escape to Azeroth seems cheesy and tawdry. Everything is just too f*cking hard right now. Want a mount from Time dungeons? Oh, you’ll have to do 5,483 of them over 5 weeks. Want to raid? Oh, you can’t because your diabetic spouse needs dinner. Want pretty gear like that druid up there? Nope. You’ll have to make do with what you have. The problem is there is no single dragon to slay: there are thousands of snakey-problems, slithering and deceptive, so that when one seems to be defeated another thirty rear their ugly hydra-like heads. If we defeat one evil Drumpf , a villainous, lying Kruz will infiltrate and forget all maxims of church and state and all that other critical stuff that’s kept us from the Spanish Inquisition for three centuries. I’ve just seen too many House of Cards episodes to be hopeful about anyone.

So what’s a shaman to do? Head to the Mental Mountains and meditate, I suppose. Nothing else to be done for it. So my apologies for not writing, but you see what happens when I take a few indulgent minutes at the keyboard– I rant and moan. I’ll be back, but making no guarantees I’ll be nice.

Till then, yours in crankiness,


Love takes time.


love yourself
You. An Alt. Love yourself for a long time. TOY!


One major pet peeve I have with myself and Azeroth these days is when I miss a toy opportunity–for the Lunar Festival there was a new toy, but because I didn’t do my research I’ll have to wait till next year. But not for the Love Festival! There is a toy called the True Love Prism, and it’s very easy to get — it just takes patience. “Patience” meaning you sit on your but for 25 minutes and click. Once you get 50 love tokens, buy a prism, log onto an alt, and hit that alt for 50 shots of love. The cooldown for the prism is 30 seconds, so that’s where the patience comes in. Also, I suggest you two go to a dark corner without a lot of traffic –get a room, people–because you don’t want to be like my warlock and spread your love to random strangers. I had to pull Ceniza in to finish the job. My bank alt Kellae has never felt so loved. Once the stack of 50 is on your alt, the toy will show up in your bags.

Too bad the course of real love doesn’t run this smoothly…



And this…this is a shadow priestess…