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Wampus Cat.

New ELVUI AFK Screen: look at that sassy dancing face! Not sure how I feel about that...

As usual, strolling through the Garden of Edinternet this morning, and came across this little gem: Great monsters of North America…and look! A wampus cat! This…shouldn’t this be a druid ability? I think so. We have grown so accustomed to the monsters and mayhem in Azeroth, sometimes I don’t think we truly see how magnficent and terrifying these things would be if they existed. That may be my one complaint about Azeroth (Only one, Matty? Come on, you’re slacking!) it may be that the monsters are not all that scary. Not really. They’re comical, actually. There are bats, big furry Cat-man things, squiggly, tentacled things, giants, ghosty things, all manner of material and shape. Some, like the Saberon, move just like Worgen, and I wonder if there’s an ancestral link there somewhere. The Pale are the only ones that have truly creeped me out: they jump on you like a reverse piggy-back ride that is both creepy-as-efff and all I want to do is take a hot shower and drink Earl Grey after one has virtually touched me. Ewwwww. 

My favorite new monster may be the Botani. They are about as scary as all-natural skincare products from Aus. The Botani are pretty cool, and remind me of Groot-Druids. I am sure that was the intent: take popular culture and milk it, Blizzard-y style. Nothing is as terrifying has cross-pollination parasitic media marketing.


But ultimately, maybe that’s a good thing, these sanitized monsters. The real world pushes young, impulsive, misguided and deadly warriors to do cultish deeds of death and destruction. Take that, you real world monsters! I’ve got a voice, I’ve got a blog, and you CANNOT STOP ME. MAHAHAHHAHHAHHAAA

Drabble: Light as a feather…

As strong as flight…

After a baby’s age, confidence demands attention and fostering. We lose more the higher we grow, it seems, and do not get back up. However, a little one will pull itself up, tumble, fall, and attempt to walk. While understanding defeat, she does not know surrender. Sheer pride in wobbly steps, buckling thighs, drooling grin: the priest felt this same joyous pride after healing with passion, and defending her host with power. She wished he could have seen her. He would have been so proud of her. However, Mrs. Whitworth wanted her to try it on four legs, not two.

wings 2
First light…


Bulging disc…

stars and light







Cub is home with tummy ache, and though he can manage, figured I might as well try some motherhood redemption and take care of him; kind of a front since I also have procrastinated projects of my own, so might as well – and….

…going to try to finish Zep’s cloak quest. As much as I would have liked for all the Titan Runestones to finish dropping during my break so I could have taken a full, guilt-free day and tried and tried again, it wasn’t in the cards. I did try once, and then realized I really don’t know what the hell I am doing. I die way too fast, or Wrathion does, or someone gets a splinter or steps on a rock or sun’s in their eyes…

While researching how things have gone terribly wrong, the first video that pops up is Cymre’s! So wish me luck again, more so in finishing my projects than that cloak…/sigh

The Unbearable Lightness of Zeptepi



If I wish to tell my own story, it must be through my sister’s tale first. She left home long before my arrival, leaving only a tired and indulgent mother and distracted father in her wake. According to our mother, I was the “sweet one,” her smallest angel. I never cried or threw tantrums that were legendary of Mat’s.  Mataoka followed the path of the shaman, of Nobundo, while I followed the conservative choice of priesthood. My words choke in my throat when I need to confess who I am, for humility and obeisance to Velen and the Naaru gently whipped me into compliance, the shadows burned if I stepped out of the path of the light. Did you ever have a shadow burn? It’s almost indescribable–like eating a hot pepper that tastes sweet at first then grows to a scorching burn in your mouth. (Only sweet cream or ale cures it, and then like love, the memory fades so we eat them again!)

I am a good priest, even though it pains me to boast. I have had to be: for reasons not clear to me, I reside as a leader of a tiny guild, a small cottage guild that only currently has a very kind group of friends. But the little guild came out of love and friendship, and I try to cultivate it, and make the members of it as happy as I can. All they need to know is I care about them. Great sacrifice and martyrdom, though in my nature I suppose, is not something I think strengthens myself or others. In other words, the door is always open, take what you want, and your friendship is all that is needed; however, I may not always have time to help you in your quests.

My heart belongs to one, just one. His heart died twice, so with little faith do I believe that mine can resurrect his. I am running out of hope.

Mrs. Whitworth is my cat. No, that feels wrong. Mrs. Whitworth is a cat. She belongs to no one but herself. She has a green-eyed kitten, just one, but I rarely see them unless it’s meal time or the mage has been fishing.

I keep my own counsel. I pray to my own gods. I suggest you do the same. The lights and shadows belong to me: I’ll leave the mud and fire to the shaman.







The Priestess and the Dragon

Sometimes a good deed is rewarded (but don’t tell karma that–it’ll try to balance something or other!) Zeptepi the Gentle One is at the point in the Wrathion cloak quest to destroy Nalak and stab him with a spear. For Mataoka, that was easy – there were plenty of stalwart champions on the Isle of Thunder, and for Kellda, also easy, because well, she’s Kellda. She didn’t solo it, but there were a few and she’s just mean enough to be lucky. (Luck is afraid of warlocks, didn’t you know?)

Waiting for heroes!

So now for Zeptepi – she knew she would not be able to do this alone, so she put the call out to her intrepid and patient friends: Repgrind, Tome, Breige, and Taikuutta all came to the rescue. She saw that a rogue was on the isle, and told him what was afoot, and he was very grateful, and not only came, but brought his tank and another healer friend.

Three healers, one tank, and two casters…it took a long time to bring that dragon down, but success! Now onto the slog that is LFR and obtaining the twelve Titan Runestones…and the final fight…and and and…never mind. One dragon at a time, dear Zep. One dragon at a time.

Now for some ephemera:

I knew I recently saw Taik’s name somewhere! Magic for dogs!

And Cymre has a post about one of my favorite Disney princesses, and I think she has a great idea – we need more off-hand weapons, so here’s my contribution:

Little saints…

The Roman Catholic church has many saints, and if I don my theologian hat I’m sure it comes from the compromise of culture from the Ancient Roman pantheon of having minor deities perform specific functions or protections. It’s tough to give up beliefs, and shun a god. I still knock wood, or toss the spilled salt over the left shoulder, because you just never know. The monotheistic appeal of Judeo-Christianity is clear — accessibility to a faith for the common man. But the good people just couldn’t give up the spirits of the forest, hearth, or seas, nor should they. That is an unfair compromise.

I don’t really pray. I’m not sure what I do, actually. I do something, think a thought, make a wish, hope, concentrate, meditate, something, when I feel the universe needs to be reminded that although it isn’t fair, and it certainly is under no obligation to me to show its cards, that I can still hope for something — some comfort, some laughter, something…

Over the next few weeks I plan on tackling the faiths in Azeroth. In the meantime, however, I have someone who could use your prayers, or whatever it is you do, or even just a kind thought, that something serious gets better. Some strength is given. Some light is shone in the darkness. Pray to St. Juliana for chronic illness, please, or whatever small shrine you create. I don’t know if it works. I really, truly, don’t. But I know thinking nothing doesn’t either. Go in peace.

Theme song: Misguided Angel/Cowboy Junkies

Some enchanted evening…

I am always a day late and a dollar short. In fact, as I type there is company who is otherwise occupied now and I am supposed to be at Costco buying dinner. Am I doing that? Nope. I’m sitting here wondering how long it will be before Zeptepi the Enchanting can reach Revered with August Celestials (we’re still just friendly) and Shado-Pan so she can get her hands on the good stuff:

From Crafter’s Tome

I wish someone could just give me a simple answer when I ask, “How long does it take to go from friendly to revered with the Tootsie Pop Faction?” How many licks indeed? But alas, no one can. And this is where the mightiest and best spell of all comes in: the spell of cooperation. This is when you need to have a good friend, guildmate, or significant game other who is willing to divvy up the chores  for the good stuff–you take one end of town, they’ll take the other, and you’ll meet somewhere in the Vale with enchants and materials.

Bear made a very convincing case for grinding reputation: hey, without mills to grind wheat, we wouldn’t get bread now would we? So, when it’s time to make the doughnuts, or enchants, at least I know at some point there will be an end, and a product, and I can move on. At least till the next big patch.

No matter – even if the world may never know how many dailies does it take to get to the center of the offering coin, eventually it will happen.


Editor’s Note:
This commercial is NOT from the 80s as it states on Youtube. Not by a long shot.

My girl…

When I am thinking about favorites, of course I love my shaman. I do. But like a first-born child or the first burnt pancake of breakfast, she’s been a learning experience. (Yes, I just equated children with fried batter.) But the question I proposed was, 1) which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing?” But the real question is why? ; and when I just feel most at ease, I must admit it’s with Zeptepi.

Something Erinys wrote about this topic struck me, that some of the characters we love we feel are everything we’re not. Mataoka is stormy, emotional, impulsive, and hardworking: we share these traits. My mage is, in the role playing/fanfiction world now, mourning a deep loss of Theramore and identity. I adore my warlock, Kellda, cause Kellda just doesn’t give a damn — she’s my “Scarlet O’Hara” of the bunch. But Zeptepi – she is complicated where I am simple. She is classy and sweet, and doesn’t apologize for her dark side: but most importantly, she is patient. This is something I have never been. Zeptepi is the soul of grace: she shines in light, speaks in shadows, and is fluent in both. She can wait for gear, she can quietly pace reputations, she keeps the tiny cottage guild in order, and does it with joy and no complaint. When I play Zep, I never feel panicky or worried. Funny, she’s been kicked from a dungeon or two, kind of derped through Black Temple the other day, and doesn’t always know her holy nova from her sanctuary, but she evokes patience in me I rarely feel otherwise.

Maybe intentionally, I haven’t really paid much attention to her lately, but will soon. I do glance at Matticus’ advice, and went over to Ask Mr Robot today and he was horrified over my lack of not capping and reforging, etc., (which will have to be completed after company leaves). But with her, somehow I know it’s going to be all right. She will eventually collect her sigils so she can place the sha-touched gem in her new Jin’ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker she luckily received today (Mataoka got this yesterday, so the healing world will never be the same. If you don’t feel better soon, they’ll just hit you over the head with it!)

There may be another factor, too: this character has never been ‘front and center’ in any large guild. Yes, I know it’s “me” who’s behind Mataoka, but I think me as the shaman has perhaps burned some bridges (I didn’t mean to! I popped my searing totem by mistake and burned the place down! Sorry!) When playing the shaman, I learn who is still feeling kind and friendly towards me, and who is less than keen on me. When I am on Zeptepi, I get to just be me, just play–no expectations, no disappointment, no lost friendships.

Maybe Mrs. Whitworth is truly looking out for her.

Theme song: My Girl/The Temptations

Tiny Story Time: Dark Angel

I am not good. I am not pure. I have a wicked heart, sometimes, and don’t always want to do what’s best for others, but only for myself. And yet you still love me. How is that possible? How is it so? Do you see the faults in all of us, and have the patience of a saint, the flaws of a human, and the desires of a spirit? How is it so? How can this be? I will thank you for what seem like little gifts: the fish, the spells, the antidotes to tired worlds, and just for a little while, just for a moment, you take me away from it. I am not good. I am not pure. But you make my wicked heart and help me walk in grace.

Love to all of you in this season of light, hope, and triumph over darkness.