Quest for fire, or I have an axis to grind…


Here in the northern hemisphere, we are about to celebrate the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. It’s not like we humans did anything special, but in our hubris we imagine that if we dance around grassy fields and light fires we can control the planetary and universal laws. Nice thought, but just enjoy the light. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you know in six months or so the wheels will turn again: I’ll be sitting in Darkshire gloom, and you’ll be all sparkly Mt. Hyjal happy.

Word on the street is that the 4.2 patch is also coming out on June 21, too.

The last leg of the Long Strange Trip journey for me is completing the Flame Warden achievement. There are a lot of flaming hoops to jump through, but at least I don’t have to defend orphans.

The Fires of Azeroth

Ice the Frost Lord
King of the Fire Festival

Desecration of the Horde (also with three sub-categories)
Burning Hot Pole Dance
Torch Juggler

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

And if you want to see something really spectacular: hundreds of naked bicyclists in a parade. 
Warning: Contains nudity

Theme song: Fever/Peggy Lee

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Ouch. (Post New and Improved with Screen Shot)

Pull this thread…as I walk away…

I’m not quite prepared to write a lengthy analysis on hero character traits this morning, but suffice it to say heroes are complicated. It’s this complexity that draws us to them, embrace them, and create new stories through the eons.

For example, I find this emergent behavior completely fascinating (said in my best Spock imitation):

Like, really, really fascinating.

It would never, ever dawn on me to come up with a game like this, I just don’t think like that. I am not “good” at April Fools’, or being punked, or pranked, or having my chain yanked.

But I’m not above it, either. My very dear priest friend and I will poke a little fun at the serious players of Stormwind. He obtained a Heartbreaker charm necklace during Love is in the Air festival. And, if you’re wondering why you’re suddenly shedding broken-hearted tears for a few seconds, you may want to look over your snot-covered shoulder for a giggling shaman and laughing priest.

Yesterday, an Orc Warrior in Tol Barad exhibited some bizarre behaviors: observing his actions from an anthropological objective, it appeared this young Orc was smitten with Matty. While killing spiders. Romeo Orc would stand next to “me,” wait for me to hit the spider, then proceed to help me kill it. Again and again. Protected me from all kinds of venom, spider bites, and other yuckiness. He danced around me, and if could have looked lovesick on his Orcish face, would have. I let my priest friend know, not in an alarmed way, just “isn’t this kind of funny?” way, and before you could say, “There’s an Orc stalking me” there he was. I am so used to being spit on or having ‘rude gesture’ thrown at me in Tol, it took awhile to realize Orc-boy liked Draenei-girl. So, the point is, priest friend may seem mean, but had my back in case of an Orcish emergency. False alarm: it was just love, or its facsimile.

Romeo Orc: Aside from being a victim of star-crossed warriors, it would never work out. You’re too green and you need to floss.

Names hidden to protect the love-lorn.

Theme song: Undone/Weezer
Human Behavior/Bjork (Bjork is an elf in real life, by the way. Don’t doubt it.)

"Squirrel Nuts Stirring Up Drama"