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Forty-Beats #37

Voy a comerte!

In honor of the Drunken Fish reaching Level 19, and our reward of achieving “Honorable Mention,” a song about war. Thank you, Dahahaka, for your generous time sending me new music. This song in particular is reminiscent of old war ballads–poignant and honorable.

Reaching Level 19: I hope this makes my friend Señor happy since he is an amazing PvP’er, with over 250,000 honorable kills and the title of Bloodthirsty. (Sorry Horde friends, he’s on our side.)

War in World of Warcraft FAR better than any real life war. If only the only blood spilled was in a game.

Recently I realized a few things:

One, I miscounted Lent. Lent ends this Thursday, April 17. Good thing I’m not a religious practitioner nor a mathematician.

Second, while filling up my blogroll again it occurred to me that my obsession with writing is causing me the same issues as any addiction. My procrastination weighs heavily on my soul today. Other bloggers have no issue in letting their blogs sit for weeks or even months at a time, and yet we still read, and look for new posts. I admit I really struggled with Mataoka’s MRP storyline, and it’s still not edited; but I did what we do: sat my tail down and started writing. It helped having a conversation with my dear friend who gives me sage writing advice:

writing questions


writing advice 2

When I ask questions in text/chat, I often wonder how much is getting lost in translation, if I am coming off too forward or odd. Ultimately, though, as in my ‘real life,’ I have managed to find a core group of friends in Azeroth with whom I feel totally safe and trust. Funny how that works.

Finally–a huge thank you to Neo. Really. I am good as my word, and will not ask again. I have patience, and you have patience for me, and I won’t use my friendship cred again. Dios mio, that was silly last night. Will be packing Kellrose’s bags soon.


Postscript: the above crocodile brought to you courtesy of CD Rogue’s photography skills. She looks like she wasn’t interested in Americanos.