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The secret life of bowlers…

Looking for tools
What’s in your toolbox?

A shaman, Elleshia@Whisperwind, asked a question in trade chat, and smarty-pants me thought I knew the answer–essentially, does it matter what level a follower is to work at a garrison building? I said ‘nope’ impulsively, and Elleshia was kind enough to whisper me that others were saying, yes, it does matter – there is a small chance of additional output if the follower working the joint has a higher item level.

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Kellda's Imaginary NPC
Kellda’s Imaginary NPC

Well, perhaps because I was playing sexy librarian Kellda the Wondering Warlock at the time, in the spirit of research and archival knowledge, I made it my mission to seek some answers. Elleshia inspired me, too, because his idea about all the secret bonuses, buffs, and bounty in WoD must be made known!

This morning Mataoka the Most Beautiful Shaman in the World received a 670 level agility trinket from a mission.


*wipes away tear of pure joy*

Which means adding one more item to help raise DPS. Because as Elleshia agrees, we enhancement shammies are powerful, but misunderstood, much like our beloved Nobundo.

We get loot, gold, reputation buffs, some fun transmog items from scavenger boxes (which admit: you’re addicted to. It’s okay. There is no twelve step program for it. Embrace the clickage.). I have filled put the guild bank once, twice, stuff to the brim and then depleted again, like Christmas elves on crack

So, what I can’t find out is if the item level of a follower, not just the level-level matters. 

I will tell you Shelly Hambly is so mean.

But we don’t have a lot of answers yet. And I am wondering if any of the hopes and dreams that we hoped and dreamed have come to pass. My player friends – what is one surprise, buff, secret awesomesauce you can share?

This gentleman did:

…but Ceniza is still not going to play Ice.

The thing is, between nerf talk and buff talk, I feel like it’s impossible to really know the mojo mix until we play and try. I spent literally 45 minutes stressing out over one talent versus another the other day, when I finally just went with my instincts with a hearty “Eff it.”



PS: One thing I wish were true is if you kill rats in the mine, they stop coming there.

Bed, bath, and oh screw it…


“Three-bedroom fixer-upper Pre-Raphaelite Mission style, post-modern debutante ball style kitchen, with war room and deluxe entertainment suite, southern view of Orcs and domestic and wild pet breeding facilities–For Let $15.95/month plus taxes. Call 813-555-MATY.”

Yeah, I don’t know. I really thought once I upgraded my garrison’s Lunarfall Inn to Level 3 it would be all chocolates-on-pillows-and-turn-down-service-with-free-bathrobes. Nope. The beds still have patched linens, and are too small, too soft, and too hard (do I smell bear?!) and no matter what time of day or night I stop in to check the bar tab receipts, Lunarfall lumberjacks and blackguards are drinking all my rum for free and pinching the wait staff’s fannies. The food is delicious, but every time I try to take a bite it disappears. I wish I had one master suite just for me, too–one that was mine to decorate, with a real big bed, Draenei style, and gorgeous furnishings. Hell, even the Weed Shack in Elodar is better appointed than the rooms at the Inn:

Momokawa is a weed expert. She's from Denver you know.
Momokawa is a weed expert. She’s from Denver you know.

Well damn. Can’t have everything I guess. While I was busy grousing about the shabby chic at the Inn, I missed my blog anniversary. It’s been four years as of Sunday since I’ve been writing this damn thing. And yet, no matter what, people all over the world want to see Tex Avery Wolf eyes.

And Draenei cup size?


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Theme song: Squeeze/If I didn’t love you

RTMT: Regrowth.

Regrowth photo by Matty
Regrowth (Photo by Matty)

I don’t know about this Azeroth place anymore.

I am beginning to understand why players stick with maybe one to three solid classes/specializations: truly and deeply specializing takes hours of intense scrutiny and practice. I am feeling somewhat a restoration druid ‘failure’ these days: I have the gear, and yet I still can’t produce the healing potential Momokawa possesses. One HUGE issue I had the other night was I tried to use Clique, and it was an abysmal failure. Well, it wasn’t: I was. I didn’t take the time to try to understand it, and it disrupted my targeting. That’s an understatement.

Matty-Shack 2018
Matty-Shack 2018

Sitting here trying to decide what kind of player I want to be, after all these years: do I want to focus on one or two characters and dig into raiding? Do I want to go more solo, play with my Garrison?

Not this Garrison...
Not this Garrison…
...this one
…this one

I don’t know. Don’t judge me, please –it could happen to anyone–but in my own little Matty-shack a mouse family has moved in (I have called in professionals to help them move out), and the wisteria vines engulfed over the eastern facade, growing into the crevices of shingles, denying their shoots of sunlight, producing pale whitish-yellow chlorophyll-depleted tendrils. In other words: I better look after my own garrison, instead of a make-believe one. I envision a not-too-distant-future where I’m sitting at my keyboard adding a pet or lighting sconce to pixelized castle while around me are mouse parties and Sleeping Beauty style thorny vines.

The mice didn't seem to have any trouble...
The mice didn’t seem to have any trouble…

Warlords of Draenor is going to be huge. Garrisons will be awesome. The story will be fine, and Draenei will have a role to play. It’ll all work out, and is not worth any iota of stress or concern.

Then why am I starting to wake up again at 5:30AM with headaches? 

I see your Raid Leader and raise you a Ragnaros!
I see your Raid Leader and raise you a Ragnaros!

Here is what I do know: summer is drawing to a fast close, and this summer has been wonderful for me. I consciously did nothing. I read one book (and I loved it, every word). I watched Game of Thrones repeats on Netflix. I played Hearthstone like a old card shark. I sat like Margot Tenenbaum (without the cigarettes) and relaxed as if it was my job.

Not a bad way to spend summer...
Not a bad way to spend summer…

I had a great time yesterday goofing off with Starre in Blackwing Lair on various characters, and made a Red Knight ensemble for Luperci:

dragon shield

red lupeSo mice, take notice: pack your little cheesy bags and get the hell out of Dodge. I know you’re not like Cinderella mice and will not sew any dresses or make pearl necklaces for me, so scram. I’ve got other things to do than worry about you.

Like go get a kitten.

PS If you’r bored, take this gamer quiz.