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Authentic RTMT: Roam If You Want To Edition

For years since I’ve written this blog, it’s been the junk-drawer level vault of my randomness. There are just a lot of things we all “might need” someday (but probably won’t). I am going to make a case, however, for junk drawers. You may, you know, need those cocktail  olive toothpicks, because James Bond may come over for a shaken-not-stirred, and you’ll want to do it up right. You may purchase some local crabs and need those lobster/crab crackers. Maybe. It could happen. And of course, those batteries that may or may not still be good–and the super glue. That is where super glue magically resides when you don’t need it. It disappears the instant you break something that requires its services. Kind of like a dead-beat.

So in my wanderings, I’ve stumbled across a few things you may or may not need.


Elfi wrote an adorable post about the Dun Morogh Sledders. Every time I pass by I give them a wave. Well last night Keilei, my Night Elf huntress (we’ll discuss my huntresses another time) felt restless, and wanted to hone her skinning skills. She took a wrong turn, and saw a cave on the side of a mountain. This cave is hidden by the large IRONFORGE banner on the map. Inside the cave are two Dwarfs: a lady and a gentlemen. And they are drinking. And dancing. And….awkward! Though Keilei was invited to join them, she declined and bowed out. Get out?! Bowed out? A hunter! Woot! PUN!

Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

dancing sledder sledder hang out

So now you know where to find them; peek in, but don’t stay. They are trying to get warm.

Cozy Cottage

Keilei continued. She flew over Gilneas, and lo and behold, so many abandoned cottages! She was tempted to be a squatter and set up permanent residency in one, but you know, the whole ‘forsaken’ problem and there was the unmistakable smell of pestilence in the air. But still….what a waste!cozy cottage location

cozy cottage

Green is the new black…

black and green hunter

Oh, and I think we need a new mog contest. Not sure what. But something. Check back in later.







Heartstone…Mistakes Were Made

So this is why multitasking is bad. And if by ‘multitasking’ I mean having a rum and Coke, watching TV with CD Rogue, playing Hearthstone, and listening to him tell me funny Reddit stories, yes. That’s what I mean. See that sheep card? That sheep card used to be Ragnaros. It was, until I mistakenly didn’t drag the card to its proper position, and yes, I ‘sheeped’ my own card. Right then and there I wish I had an emote that said, “I am too stupid to play right now. You win this one.”








Seattle style

Forgive me, I am at my wit’s end. I am sitting here in cub’s room while I act like an aggressive momma bear. It’s a long story but I have time to try to post something in this blog while he wrangles through missing algebra and AP European history assignments. I was supposed to go to a flex tonight but he needs me more. So I am playing around with my iPad and took this screen shot of my newest hunter, and sure enough she is wearing almost the same style shoes that I just bought, some green Keens. We, my fellow bloggers and I have often talked about our real life fashion sense or lack thereof, and though my tummy showing days are over (big cubs come with a physical price) I do wear similar things to my Azerothian counterparts. Blue jeans, red linen kimono style shirts, green shoes, tote bags and purses full of spells, off hands (what do you think my cell phone is?) and a plethora of trinkets and jewels. All fake of course, just like the Azerothian ones. It is often said the Seattlelites are some of the worst dressed. Anywhere. But I would just like to say that we are eccentric or quirky. We’re built for speed and dodging raindrops. And Keieli, where can I get those shoes?


OLRG: We got this…(and this is going to be a long one)

Sno-cone anyone?
Sno-cone anyone?


Dear Blizzard: I realize this is very low on your to-do list, what with the time machine you’re building and all (did you contact H.P. Lovecraft? He might be able to give you some tips.), but if possible, could you please go back to old content and “fix” it? Many of your players are restless, so restless in fact that some of your star players and fans are now permanently off the team. And no, I’m not talking about Landon Donovan. (Sheesh, what drama! What a story! And I don’t even follow soccer…why don’t I pay attention to the world?)

Here’s what we want:

1. Old content is accessible by any character who is higher than level – meaning if I bring my paladin who’s never been to ICC she can stroll in at heroic or normal.

2. Make it cross-faction. Hearing Tyledres sigh because my stupid OLRG are mostly Alliance and not Horde is breaking my heart. Hey, a Death Knight is a Death Knight. Arthas didn’t see faction or race when choosing his undead legion, so why should Blizzard? That actually is a pretty good idea: make Death Knights cross-faction.

Scarlletta and Matty hanging at the AH
Scarlletta and Matty hanging at the AH

3. Change the loot: if it’s moggable (why do I feel annoyed by making up words this morning?), then let the rolls roll, baby. Lupe ended up with a pretty mace and sword yesterday. If there is one thing that fail tank has got going on, it’s that she is a looker.


Mataoka of the Awesomesauce 

Okay – onward. Tome and I first ventured in and then our buddies joined us, and we had no issues. Thanks to one and all for joining us, and Navi – one rule of OLRG is we never self-denegrate. We do not look at item level, gear, dps/heals, ever. It’s like going out with a bunch of friends for appetizers and cocktails. What a buzzkill if someone said, “Those potato skins have 500 calories! Don’t enjoy them! Stop laughing! You’re showing the bacon bits in your teeth!” (Actually CD Rogue’s mother used to do that all the time: we’d be at a family dinner at a nice restaurant and she would look over what I ordered and tell me how fatty it was. Fun.) We didn’t the Full House achieve because of player error: mine. I didn’t read the directions and went blazing in and killed all the adds. Duh! It was cool to get a refresher course on Ice Crown, and I don’t see any issues with cleaning up those ten-man achieves. The only one that may be is a numbers game with Portal Jockey, and I know we’ll have to do two runs to do the vampire lady biting one. You know what was on last night? Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, a truly awesome movie. I would like to read the book sometime, but my book club keeps choosing things more akin to an Oprah book club. Okay – random – back on task.


I will confess that our run yesterday cleared up some…annoyances? I saw a hunter putting together a Flex group for SoO 1, and since Sajja still can’t get her off-hand, I offered to heal. On the last boss, Sha of Pride (dialogue is brilliant in this fight: the blame game, arrogance, those inner voices we all have manifested in a game), we began to wipe, and the priest healer told everyone to dispel. I said that players could only dispel if they had the Gift of the Titans. They disagreed. I said at least that was my experience on normal, to which the priest said HEROIC. Not worth arguing about, (why is it every time you say you’re not arguing, but just offering insight, people say you’re arguing when they simply do not agree with you?) I said hey, no problem, look it up when you have a chance, and let’s move on. I’ll do it your way. But they couldn’t let it go. I was called a scrub, and then I left the group, and the druid healer felt compelled to whisper me and inform me ‘your so bad.’ Due to my own pit-bull nature, I looked up the link about dispels in that fight, and send a courteous letter to the 12-year-old behind the computer screen, saying for his future reference (he had wanted us to mass dispel, and even the priest told him that was a bad idea) he might want to know this mechanic. Since I am fairly certain most of the group is illiterate, my spell of knowledge will fall flat. Story of my life. But on a walk, I pondered with CD Rogue why is it those minor slings and arrows sting us the most? Why is it difficult to keep things in perspective? Why does what a mean little shit whisper to me piss me off, or even an older mean little shit? My mom says I am a classic “right -fighter,” and she has a point. I need to learn that when I’m right, that’s enough.

Never did get my bloody off-hand cricket cage. Thanks Blizzard. *Eye roll.*

OH BUT YES – Old Ladies: I do love you. Now that Lupe is able to do the heroic version, let’s get back in there and knock a few of those achieves out. 


It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Body language, tone, and context is everything. One of my side projects includes listening to error speech. Far and away, Forsaken females are a testy lot, coming a close second are Draenei females. Night Elf and Blood Elf females always sound fairly calm in the clutch. Here are two unedited examples, taken during my field research:

And my Night Elf hunter, Keilei:


When we briefly get to meet in a suitable time-zone, Navi and I both lament about our current lack of writing inspiration. I really enjoy sites that discuss writing and the writing process in detail, and I even posted on my own professional blog recently.

Some sites that help:
Writers write: http://writerswrite.co.za/10-amazingly-simple-tips-to-get-you-back-on-the-writing-track

Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck: http://awesomewritingprompts.tumblr.com


Oh, and of course, Tumblr overall is grand fun. It’s not a distraction, it’s endorphins!

Sometimes you just need to get out of your routine, get a fresh perspective, and don’t worry. Just write.

And remember, only boring people get bored:

Rites of Passage


One of the unexpected joys of cross-realm server mergers (and I’m sure it may turn into a curse) is the additional characters that have opened up to us. Whisperwind/Dentarg connection means there are now 11 more slots on Dentarg available to me, so I can create characters to my alt’s content. I realized we, the Drunken Fish, could still use a few more Classy’s, so another hunter was born, Keilei.

classy ne

Is there anything more beautiful than a Night Elf female hunter, calmly drawing back her bow, and aiming true? I am smitten with her. And though she’s wearing spirit-leather heirlooms (hey, work with what you’ve got, you know?), she’s leveling fast. (I know hunters used to need mana–Haanta was begun back ‘in those days.’) But one thing I think is important are those touch-points of leveling any character. For Night Elves, it’s their journey into the caves of Ban’Ethil Barrow. It has always struck me as one of the saddest and most dangerous places in the game, even with the Night Elf guide who accompanies us neophyte Night Elves. Assisting Oben Rageclaw achieve ever-lasting peace is a tragic necessity.

My question to you all is, “What areas are “must do-s” to feel that your character is ‘complete?'” Now I’m off to work with my incomplete task. Wish my boss had asked me to go to Ban’Ethil. At least I can find my way out of there.