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The secret life of bowlers…

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What’s in your toolbox?

A shaman, Elleshia@Whisperwind, asked a question in trade chat, and smarty-pants me thought I knew the answer–essentially, does it matter what level a follower is to work at a garrison building? I said ‘nope’ impulsively, and Elleshia was kind enough to whisper me that others were saying, yes, it does matter – there is a small chance of additional output if the follower working the joint has a higher item level.

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Kellda's Imaginary NPC
Kellda’s Imaginary NPC

Well, perhaps because I was playing sexy librarian Kellda the Wondering Warlock at the time, in the spirit of research and archival knowledge, I made it my mission to seek some answers. Elleshia inspired me, too, because his idea about all the secret bonuses, buffs, and bounty in WoD must be made known!

This morning Mataoka the Most Beautiful Shaman in the World received a 670 level agility trinket from a mission.


*wipes away tear of pure joy*

Which means adding one more item to help raise DPS. Because as Elleshia agrees, we enhancement shammies are powerful, but misunderstood, much like our beloved Nobundo.

We get loot, gold, reputation buffs, some fun transmog items from scavenger boxes (which admit: you’re addicted to. It’s okay. There is no twelve step program for it. Embrace the clickage.). I have filled put the guild bank once, twice, stuff to the brim and then depleted again, like Christmas elves on crack

So, what I can’t find out is if the item level of a follower, not just the level-level matters. 

I will tell you Shelly Hambly is so mean.

But we don’t have a lot of answers yet. And I am wondering if any of the hopes and dreams that we hoped and dreamed have come to pass. My player friends – what is one surprise, buff, secret awesomesauce you can share?

This gentleman did:

…but Ceniza is still not going to play Ice.

The thing is, between nerf talk and buff talk, I feel like it’s impossible to really know the mojo mix until we play and try. I spent literally 45 minutes stressing out over one talent versus another the other day, when I finally just went with my instincts with a hearty “Eff it.”



PS: One thing I wish were true is if you kill rats in the mine, they stop coming there.