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disco sucks

Walking ’round the room singing
Stormy Weather
At fifty seven Mt. Pleasant St.
Now it’s the same room but everything’s different
You can fight the sleep but not the dream
Things ain’t cooking in my kitchen
Strange affliction wash over me
Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
Couldn’t conquer the blue sky
There’s a small boat made of china
Going nowhere on the mantelpiece
Do I lie like a lounge room lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released?

Confession: I love raiding with Hawtpocket. But–I turned off the playing soundtrack she provided for the raiders. Every now and then someone in Vent says, “I love this song!” or “This should be Garrosh’s theme song,” and I chastise myself for not wanting to listen to Journey or whatever else might be on this 80s list. I really hate that music.  So, I opted out, and miss an important part of the social bonding.

This list is NOT the soundtrack I would create for raiding night, either. Dahahka recently posted a great write-up of some of his life’s most influential music, and gave me a friendly challenge to do the same. This is a conglomerate of chronological memories, most overlapping. Don’t judge.

Elvis Presley: this one was hard to put on this list and age myself. When I was a very tiny little girl, I wanted to kiss Elvis Presley. years later when I was introduced to the LBGT community by my housemates, and they told me they always loved girls, I realized that we are all truly born who we are. Yes, wanting to kiss Elvis Presley indirectly made me not only tolerant but wholly accepting of the spectrum that is human sexuality. He was already past his prime when I heard his music, and my mother wasn’t that big of a fan. I must have seen one of his movies on TV and felt the ooze of sexuality. (Oh, like you never did!) But this is how I know, and knew, that we are truly who we are, and we know who we are from a very early age. I was born in the era of the Beatles, and their musical influence on my life is indelible.

The Partridge Family

tape cassette player

You may start seeing a trend here. Me. David Cassidy. Married. The End.

Second grade. Roller skates. My prized possession: a cassette tape recorder that was used not only to play my Partridge Family cassette, but used to record my own voice. Those tapes are lost to the ages, surely to be uncovered by some future archeologist who will wonder who this small goddess when she listens to the data, which in the future will be instantly recoverable and archived. Surely. Right?

The Beatles

The most sustainable music ever created.

Elton John

Elton John’s music marks my early adolescence.

Top 40 Pop – 70s style

When I lived overseas, Casey Kasem’s voice incongruently introduced me to Aerosmith, The Eagles (in the words of the Dude, I hate the fucking Eagles–but back then I didn’t), and many others. This is one of my favorites:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/56494381″>Elvin Bishop – Fooled Around & Fell In Love – HD Bubblerock Promo</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/danbanrock1″>Dan Ban</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Pink Floyd

Me. Headphones. Dark Room. Surviving 9th grade. The Wall didn’t help nearly as much.

Led Zeppelin

I love you, Robert Plant. And I know you love me, too.

The Alternative Years:

Late high school and college gave me some of the best guy friends I’ve ever had, and still have. Young men who adored me, put no pressure on me, and simply wanted to hang out with me, share their music, and make me laugh. I made them laugh, too, and was completely free to be as funny as I wanted, and as smart.


Talking Heads

B 52s

The Pretenders/The Police.

When everyone else was listening to the Scorpions and other shitty 70s/80s rock, I was trying to get my friends to listen to the Pretenders and The Police. One of my sad tales is I had tickets to the Police when they first started, but they canceled the small venue show because of illness. I swear to heaven Sting, you owe me one.

The Ramones


Every couple should have an album, not just a song. This was mine and my first big love’s. It only exists in my memories now, and not all good ones.

Peter Gabriel

It’s hilarious to tell ‘kids these days’ with all the Anaconda Do’s and Don’ts that yes, that is footage of sperm at the beginning of this:


Neil Finn/Crowded House

My and CD Rogue’s music:

I dare you not to sing along to this one:

Where am I now musically? I don’t listen to music from my past all that much, and try to listen to both old and newer tracks. A lot of the music I listen to now reminds me of the past years spent in Azeroth. For example, this is a druid’s song if I ever heard one:


OLRG: Better Swimmers Edition (Forty-Beats #39)


Warning: This post has emotions. Quite a few actually.

Just look up.

“Those who travel with the current will always feel they are good swimmers; those who swim against the current may never realize they are better swimmers than they imagine.” – Shankar Vendantum

Magic is an odd beast. Just when we feel bonded, it’s our kinsmen, it rears up and snaps at us, bites the hand so to speak. The magical lyrics for this post poured through my head as I wandered downstairs this morning, and yet faced with the white screen, they fled. So patience with me while I grab my butterfly net and try to capture the ideas again.

Today is a beautiful day–one of those rare sunny spring days in the Pacific Northwest. Sadly, record-breaking levels of rain in March caused a tragic disaster, one of the worst in our state’s history.

But today is one of those days that conquer the worst nightmares, and momentarily suspend belief in all things harmful. They simply do not exist on days like today.

So here is where I head into Over-Thinking Country. You don’t need to indulge me by staying on this post. I’m actually in a really wonderful mood, but feel it necessary to acknowledge a few things.

The OLRG had a wonderful time last night–we went to Firelands for that silly staff again (that staff has become Momokawa’s Moby Dick. And as much as I want to make jokes about chasing Dick right now…STOP) ANYWAY – Fandral: Dude. Listen. Really. Just give the druid her staff, okay? We’ll still visit, we LOVE you, you crazy misunderstood tragic villain you! Tie us up in root-balls and threaten us with flaming birds, we don’t care! And Ulduar – always a joy. We had some goofy-footing on the last boss, but somehow, when I’m with the OLRG, it feels like it should – it just doens’t matter. We calmly reaadjust, there is never a hint of nerd-rage, not one drop, and we learn something. For example, I learned that those Quillen dogs have a resurrection spell– Haanta! Seriously woman! Learn your Beast Mastery Class!

It was however – quiet. I noticed that Taikutta wasn’t there, and though he never says much in Vent, his presence is somehow very “present.” Do you know what I mean? You know how you just know that there is a bedrock there? And Prinnie was there a bit afterwards, and her sweet funny personality is always welcome.

But the quiet: Breige is going through a very sad time now. Her cat of twenty years has failing health, and she and her dear veterinarian are discussing the difficult decision. The truth is, we live in a time when our animals receive better healthcare than many of our human citizens. This isn’t a judgement or indictment, it’s just an observation. And because our beloved animals receive such excellent care, they often live much longer than they would have under other circumstances. Every day I read at least one post by a Facebook friend (and they never had children, at least not yet) about heroic measures they take to save their animals. One friend posted about the extensive medical expenses and procedures to save her cat. The list of medicines, surgeries, and diagnosis were fascinating to read, and showed how deeply committed this friend is to her companion and best animal friend. My parenthetical notation about children is also not a judgement, but an observation.  I am not of the construct or belief that “if they had a baby…” sort of nonsense. Our animal companions mean the world to us, and I am very, very sorry for Breige’s sorrow.

Yesterday night, I logged into Mataoka, and there was a wonderful letter from Taikutta. Taik: I completely understand. We OLRG are not only a force of good in Azeroth, but in all of the worlds.

I’ll share this personal anecdote: CD Rogue and I have had a long history of financial struggles. I felt somewhat guilty by posting about his and our cub’s trip: there are so many things people don’t know that happens behind the scenes. For example, this trip came at the cost of invisible forces, some tangible, some not. E-mails to teachers begging for help for our cub. Spinning bald tires on wet roads. Struggling to pay other bills, and going into more debt. But here’s how I rationalize this: we only get one life. If opportunities for the ‘fireworks’ come our way, and we can make it happen, the experiences are far more valuable than burning thin rubber.

Real life always trumps Azerothian life, with all its grit, light, sun, moon, and salt. The most surprising thing CD Rogue and cub told me was they were amazed that the moon in Costa Rica is straight overhead, and as much as they know about astronomy they had forgotten about the angles of the earth/moon relationship.

Sometimes the most amazing things can be seen if you just look up.


Forty-Beats #37

Voy a comerte!

In honor of the Drunken Fish reaching Level 19, and our reward of achieving “Honorable Mention,” a song about war. Thank you, Dahahaka, for your generous time sending me new music. This song in particular is reminiscent of old war ballads–poignant and honorable.

Reaching Level 19: I hope this makes my friend Señor happy since he is an amazing PvP’er, with over 250,000 honorable kills and the title of Bloodthirsty. (Sorry Horde friends, he’s on our side.)

War in World of Warcraft FAR better than any real life war. If only the only blood spilled was in a game.

Recently I realized a few things:

One, I miscounted Lent. Lent ends this Thursday, April 17. Good thing I’m not a religious practitioner nor a mathematician.

Second, while filling up my blogroll again it occurred to me that my obsession with writing is causing me the same issues as any addiction. My procrastination weighs heavily on my soul today. Other bloggers have no issue in letting their blogs sit for weeks or even months at a time, and yet we still read, and look for new posts. I admit I really struggled with Mataoka’s MRP storyline, and it’s still not edited; but I did what we do: sat my tail down and started writing. It helped having a conversation with my dear friend who gives me sage writing advice:

writing questions


writing advice 2

When I ask questions in text/chat, I often wonder how much is getting lost in translation, if I am coming off too forward or odd. Ultimately, though, as in my ‘real life,’ I have managed to find a core group of friends in Azeroth with whom I feel totally safe and trust. Funny how that works.

Finally–a huge thank you to Neo. Really. I am good as my word, and will not ask again. I have patience, and you have patience for me, and I won’t use my friendship cred again. Dios mio, that was silly last night. Will be packing Kellrose’s bags soon.


Postscript: the above crocodile brought to you courtesy of CD Rogue’s photography skills. She looks like she wasn’t interested in Americanos.