OLRG: The Chosen Ones

haantaDo you have that one character, the one who seems satisfied to just live her (virtual) life, and yet does more for all the others, without complaint? Haanta is my girl. I’m not sure what it is, but when she’s there, the mounts from heaven just fall in her lap. (Maybe she’s giving them treats.) Poor thing, I don’t even have dragon riding for her (yet), but shall remedy that post haste:

reins of

She learned the reins, but then promptly handed it over to Zep for a spin. I just knew, knew, this morning that beautiful black dragon wanted to go home with Haanta. So here is my call to the Old Ladies: this Saturday, bring your A- game. Don’t be intimidated, no fear of “screwing up,” no trepidation. We are going to do our damnedest to finish up some a raids for mounts. Period. Take a nap. Do a shot. Dance a jig. Anything – do anything to see if we can finish Firelands, ICC, Bastion, etc. Don’t overthink, don’t over-analyze, just go BOOM. Bring your best girl (or boy), and well, simply, bring it.grandma



3 thoughts on “OLRG: The Chosen Ones”

  1. I can’t catch a break here. My daughter wants to drop by Saturday so I can take them to my super secret hole in the wall computer store to replace their failing computer but hopefully, even if a little late, I will be there!

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