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Flying on sunshine…

Sometimes we are just having a “day.” Kind of blech. And it’s layered with muted guilt because it’s usually a beautiful day, full of crisp air and sunshine, and every undone chore or lost checklist mocks us. I think Breige knew I was having one of those days–I was playing all day on Saturday, took a quick 10-15 minute break, and then when logged back on was met with huge puppy enthusiasm for the Old Ladies’ run. The past Tuesday Comcast decided to turn off the Internet, and on Thursday I had to work, so I lost two nights of raiding, and two nights of missing out on a new ring for Kellda. (It did drop last night but a mage got it. MAGES!!!!!!) Anyway, I neglected all my Saturday ‘to-do’s” to focus on Old Ladies and was not prepared to be lovingly chastised for being “late” to my own party. Breige, sorry I snapped in Vent. I’m having a parallel experience at work where so many things I contributed, began, initiated, etc. are now seen as someone else’s idea, and I just need to get the f&ck over it. So thank you for getting everyone together and getting the ball rolling. I am meeting a friend this Saturday to work on some project work, so not sure if I’ll be around, which also makes me grumpy because we need to finish up Dragon Soul. Did I say “we?” or did I mean selfishly, again, ME?

And thank you once again for being a better Dwarf than I could ever be. Thank you for the sunshine:
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.23.14 PM

OLRG: “Why can’t we ever have like, a salad?” Edition

Not sure what I find funnier: this clip from one of my favorite movies, Nacho Libre, or the fact that the person who posted it is heard giggling. It’s obviously a very low-tech post, but it tickles me that someone found this scene funny too. The beans coming out of the nose? Yup. ‘Bout sums it up.

Why can't we, like, ever name our minions what we choose? Or have them look like this?
Why can’t we, like, ever name our minions what we choose? Or have them look like this?

Okay – here’s been the week:

Helke nicely told me I should have put a warning on my spider nightmare anecdote because some folks are so scared of spiders, so paralyzingly arachnophobic, that post would have stopped them in their tracks. I’m paraphrasing. Helke, you’re right in that I could use some sensitivity training. But if I keep second guessing myself on every thing I write, I swear, this mental, um…blockage to say it delicately…is going to get worse. I’m not a nice person. I have a dark side. I am weird. Today CD Rogue and I went on a walk and I saw a little dead mole on the ground, and wanted to take a picture of it, and thought about Wednesday Addams and how on her “nature” walks she would take pictures of dead things. Actually, I thought this is something she would post on her Facebook page as an antidote to the cute animals phenomenon. It was a darling little mole, taking his little mole nap on the little mole sidewalk. I thought it might not be full grown, but CD Rogue said they don’t get much bigger than the one we saw. That one isn’t going to get any bigger, that’s for sure.

What sick twisted mind stops and looks at moles who have passed on? Shuffled off their mortal coils? Walked to the light? Well, one who has played hours of Hearthstone, and checked in compulsively to Facebook only to find both have left her soulless and devastated. See? Dammit, made me talk about myself in third person. Streams of misogynistic “comedy” and passages of faith posted by people who I know for a fact are prideful, hypocritical, and relentless in their ambitions. I’m done. And that much Hearthstone would give anyone mild PTSD: every time a player hits your “hero” it makes this skull-cracking sound. I couldn’t take it. And murlocs help me if I forgot to hit the ‘squelch’ button before a loss and heard that smarmy “Well played” bullshit.

So enough. Off they go.

When I was a smoker, I would do this trick where I’d crumple up the pack of cigarettes, and in grand flourishes or piques of drama announce to no one but myself and the cat that I was quitting. Let’s all hope the Hearthstone and Facebook stay off the devices a bit longer. I don’t have cats as witnesses anymore. Just Druids.

Did have a blast on Saturday with the Old Ladies. No staff. No pony for me. But at least some one I like got it. (Be kind of tough, because I like everyone!) But I am a little weary of trying to get something and then it becoming a joke: starting to feel like being skull-cracked by Fandral. So – a little break may be in order. If there is something someone wants to do, I’m open to suggestions. I’ll probably have to wait to level 100 and go do Firelands solo!

Dahahka posted an interesting question on his blog: Are you anti-Virtual World? Read it and give it some thought. It captured a lot of what I have been muddling over this summer. What is my place in Azeroth, the real world, and in front of my screen? What am I willing to lose for both? Nothing, as it turns out. But I feel I’ve lost something, and time is no small part.

I'm not supposed to be here...
I’m not supposed to be here…

On the Drunken Fish news, the guild broke through to Level 22, and I’ve been working on my gnomes to help with Classy Gnomes:

gnome classy








Breige and others have been helping with Dwarfs: (I don’t think Worgen or Pandaren are going to make it in DF: /sigh)

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.07.26 PM

And you see that Fun with Friends thing? That’s what I was talking about. Enough with the forced fun. The guild recruitment spamming is all about gold farming – -and I think Blizzard tends to see every problem as a nail and all they have are hammers. They fix one thing by breaking another — for example Turk told me they are making melee more fun by making casting classes less fun.


Beans are coming out of my nose.