We’re friends again.

Drov the Ruiner was awake today, and there was a group, and I got Pepe. What was I worried about? No one knows.

Disoriented doesn’t begin to describe the patch. But it’s good to start fresh, you know? Sometimes with a clean slate and all. And instead of cleaning up the rug and the paper towels the puppy chewed, or heck, even taking a shower or eating lunch, I decided I would see how the warlock was doing. First, of course, I had to transmog her:


And then she wanted to try out her skills in Ice Crown. So she did.

And then one of the Captains said, “Victory will be ours.” And today, his cadence was a bit different, and something…shifted. I knew Arthas would give me his horse, Invicible.

And he did:


Just like that.


Bird poop.

momokawa pepe.pngFriends ask if I’m ready for the Patch tomorrow.


Friends ask if I’m ready for Legions.

Um. About the same way I’m ready for the RNC, open carry laws, #drumpf, etc. No. But it’s coming, it’s ugly, dangerous, and relentless.

What am I doing?

Trying to get a little bird.

Not this one anymore, at least, well, not in the traditional way.

bernie bird.jpeg

How’s that working out?

Not so good.


Momokawa’s been doing these, because the little bird, her hippie nature, and her voting record seemed to be a good fit. She still needs Drov the Ruiner, (is he like my puppy, Ruiner of Carpets and Shoes?) and Tarlna the Ageless. It would appear that each of these only spawns once a week in Gorgrond. 

Once a week?

Well damn.

This is how Azeroth has been for me for some time now. A huge ticked-off list and then one last thing is out of reach. Every damn time. The dragon one.  This one. And even this stupid one because I can’t figure out how to hold hands with my pet and when I depend on Young Elite Druid to do the spine part for me, and he’s “busy.” *eye roll*. It feels like everything is left incomplete, and that’s starting to get on my last nerve. The same is true in the Matty-shack, too. I have no less than 20 half-started projects going on.

Hey, Blizzard, how about an achievement for the most “almost finished” achievement lists? If a player has 5 or more achievement lists that are 90% done then that player gets to choose which one to complete.

I am full of good ideas.

Now if I can only get full of achievements.

Why I can’t have nice things.


This is Sajja, a monk. See that pretty robe she’s wearing? Nightfire Robe? Well, Miss Shaman had some gold to burn, and saw the pattern on the BMAH for about 1kgold. She really wanted it, so over bid. And won. For 4kgold. And then promptly saw three of the same patterns for sale on the regular AH for about 143 gold.

I need to stop playing this game.


That’s all I need to say.