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OLRG: Can’t do it alone!

old southern
There are a lot of unspoken rules out there that apply to me: *sigh*

Thanks to those who could make it out for OLRG: Panda Version this Saturday. It’s not like we didn’t have a few other things on our minds, and November…damn you November. Seriously. It’s the month where annually I am reminded about what a failure I am in all life’s goals. No novel, no fresh new ideas for Thanksgiving, deeply in debt, expectations running high and willpower and energy running low. But hey – at least i can get some chieves, right? Well turns out Mogu and Temple and such aren’t so easy with a small band – those fish-men and temple guardians don’t roll over or play fetch. And the bug things? Fuggedaboutit. They are not going into anyone’s insect display just yet. So, I’m going to have to read up, and enlist my merry band of old ladies once again. And possibly put in an add-on such as RaidAchievement, perhaps?

pand raider

Since this screenshot was taken, two more have been checked off the list – Must Love Dogs and Like an Arrow. The Dogs one we didn’t follow directions (what? me? not follow directions?!) and had any old mongrel, but NooOOOOOooooOOOooo it was supposed to be a perky pug –those butt-scooching, yippy-barking –never mind. Yes, I know pugs have great ‘personalities’ but somehow their snuffling charm is a bit lost on me….and since thieves were on the line, after the OLRG I went in on my own, took the pug out of its crate, and got that one.

But seriously: as much as I wish I was that bad-ass that I could go in there with my own bad self and check stuff off, it’s way more fun and satisfying with friends. Let me know if you can ever go along – I know Saturday afternoons are tough for most of us. Maybe Sunday afternoons? When we’re feeling the Sunday creep, and need something to distract us from what I’m feeling right now, the Monday morning IT’S TOO SOON feeling? Anyway– till next time my stalwart friends. Take heart, be brave, and never apologize for your love of all things fun, joyful, hedonistic, sexy, playful, and caring.

OLRG: Tough toe nails and pedicures.

evil old lady

This is hard for me to write, because once I do it smells of intention and explicit decision making, something for a squirmy Pisces like me does not deal with well. I woke up the other morning and the first thought in my head was “You need to stop raiding.” Now, I have an awesome group I run with now. Relaxed, mostly good-ol’ boys and my friend Breige, and Plaid Elf, aka Ty, and we have so much fun. I’m accepted and heck, I even got lovingly tea-bagged the other night! Hey! I’m one of the guys! But the reality is, for April-May, things are going to be absolute shit at work. I have two big events, one the end of April and one the end of May, and a whole lot of–evil–in between. Turns out I thought I was dealing with an garden snake, but it’s a cobra with a bad haircut. What worries me is I hope this group is still running later – I can maybe do one night a week, but even that feels like I am going to slow folks down, etc.

NOW: that doesn’t mean to say that I have completely abandoned OLRG. Though most old content is do-able, there is still SHIT WE NEED TO DO! For example, Dragon Soul. And stuff. Dragon stuff. With Laser Kitties, duh!

laser beam kitty

So ladies: I need to laugh. I need to be around those who get me. Won’t you join me around 3PM this Saturday for some Old Lady Quality Fun?

OLRG: Mrs. Whitworth Returns!

black cat and Santa

Do you know how much I am loving that Mrs. Whitworth has taken over the grounds of my garrison? Do I have a story or two up my sleeve? Of course I do: but before I turn my holiday head toward low-rate fan-fiction, I would LOVE if my OLRG (Old Ladies Raiding Guild) could come together once more and take on Molten Core tomorrow. I am sorry for the late notice, and if it doesn’t work out until January 3, that’s fine too. In any case – I’ll be around 3PM Pacific, will put the call out. Please join me, Tome, and let’s take over Molten Core! The trick I’ve found is to stick together, don’t get your claws out, and give the tanks cheers! It is definitely a slow and steady wins the 640 head piece (that old trope). Hope to see you!

OLRG: Checking off boxes on an invisible list…

lit up
Time to light it up!


I ended my work week on a bit of a angry note: did you ever work with a micro-manager, or someone who is so opposite of you on the Meyers-Briggs scale, that you wonder if there will ever be a bridge long enough to span the X-Y access divide? Well, I’m taking this short holiday break to try to wash all that away. It even snowed this morning! It looks quiet and beautiful outside, all hushed and sugared. Yes, I have a lot to do, mostly things I’ve procrastinated, squirreled away, and now it is the time to take those nuts out of the knotholes and ease my mind. This morning when I took the M-B test I came out INFP: Introvert (only slightly over extrovert – truly an ambivert), Intuitive, Feeling over Thinking by A LOT, and Perceiving over Judging. Some days I’ve come out more Extrovert than Introvert, so the data is skewed depending on mood. I don’t want to carry any negativity with me into December–it’s too dark,  too amazing, and too Solstice-y to burden with others agendas.

Besides, through the prodding and motivational speech given to me by Young Leet Druid, I persevered through the Bronze and Silver Challenges for both restoration and enhancement specializations, (and trust me–it took perserverance) and then queued up for Molten Core. I tried about four groups until I found a perfect one. Each group was disorganized, chaotic, and thought they could run it like it was still 50 levels below them. It’s not, but you know what? When you follow the tank(s), it’s not bad at all. I even took a screenshot of the amazing, funny group, so I would have a record of it:

nice group

Now, I posted this as an OLRG notice: we have until January 6, but believe we can get this done far in advance. We can join up as a party, and then queue up for MC. Since we’ll have more than five of us, we’ll be in the majority rule, and there will be no bruises or kicks. Promise. And since you have a ringer healer (moi) we’ll get in fast.

So: look over your calendars, and tell me what’s what. I’ll be around most weekends in December, and will be on holiday break, too. “All” you need to do is gear up just a tiny bit, and pass the silver challenge. If I can do it, you can do it. Now off I go to get Azeroth chores done, while I look at the pretty snow.

PS: Tome!

warleader tome

OLRG: The Chosen Ones

haantaDo you have that one character, the one who seems satisfied to just live her (virtual) life, and yet does more for all the others, without complaint? Haanta is my girl. I’m not sure what it is, but when she’s there, the mounts from heaven just fall in her lap. (Maybe she’s giving them treats.) Poor thing, I don’t even have dragon riding for her (yet), but shall remedy that post haste:

reins of

She learned the reins, but then promptly handed it over to Zep for a spin. I just knew, knew, this morning that beautiful black dragon wanted to go home with Haanta. So here is my call to the Old Ladies: this Saturday, bring your A- game. Don’t be intimidated, no fear of “screwing up,” no trepidation. We are going to do our damnedest to finish up some a raids for mounts. Period. Take a nap. Do a shot. Dance a jig. Anything – do anything to see if we can finish Firelands, ICC, Bastion, etc. Don’t overthink, don’t over-analyze, just go BOOM. Bring your best girl (or boy), and well, simply, bring it.grandma



OLRG: Cootie Shots!


Well, once again the Old Ladies kicked ass, although it wasn’t the old ladies per se, but the young lady, Tyledres from Frost & Claws helped us out with the very last achievement. We were doing it right, and had the right idea, and with her insight and mine, we figured it out easily. It was truly teamwork. Oh, necrotic plague — you are indeed Arthas’ cooties.

Plaid Elf from Plenty of Paladins, Helke, Luperci, (yours truly), Tome, and Tyledres
Plaid Elf from Plenty of Paladins, Helke, Luperci, (yours truly), Tome, and Tyledres

So, PlaidElf, Tyledres, Helke, me as Luperci, and Tome went in, and hurt some icy ghouls and mean dragons. If there is anything else anyone needs in the 10-man version, please let me know.  It felt good to get this out of the way, and complete my salt-and-pepper shaker set of icy dragons:

blood icy ponies

Mataoka has been busy cleaning up old reputations, and stands at 57/60 for her Beloved title:offensive

I am trying to keep a big scope perspective on the November 13th date: there will be much, much to do, and my tendency is to neglect my real life over my fantasy one, but I simply cannot sustain this. I am bracing myself, humming a mantra repeatedly, “Do not worry. Do not stress. Real life over Azeroth. Repeat.” Erinys at Harpy’s Nest made a comprehensive to-do list I may emulate. I needs me ponies!


Luperci got a new pretty ax with a little face on it:

Frost Giant Clever
Frost Giant Clever

…and as usual, fun was had by all. It’s cool because we Old Ladies have different styles, but somehow they meld together well. For example, Helke shared one of her favorite shoe designers:

Damn, girl...don't drop your ice cream cone on these...
Damn, girl…don’t drop your ice cream cone on these…

And I walk a mile in these:

All the better to sneak up on you, my dear...
All the better to sneak up on you, my dear…

Onward, Old Ladies! Remember anyone can join us at anytime – drop in for an achievement or two or ask if you need help finishing up something. No one needs to panic. We have cootie shots and stylish shoes.

Postscript: I met my dear friend for breakfast and pedicures yesterday morning, and she strongly urged me to read the current book for our next book club meeting. Considering I hadn’t read the last three, I decided I would do my homework so I wouldn’t be kicked from Book Club:






OLRG: Punch Drunk Dragons Edition


granny with monkey

There are no monkeys. This is false advertising. I shouldn’t promise primates. As far as I know, though Azeroth holds many primates, Firelands, Ice Crown, and a few other spots are sorely sans simians. What do monkeys have to do with this? Nothing. I just like that image of Granny.

Personally, I still need two things from ICC 10 man, and it’d be cool to do some Dragon Soul heroics, and maybe even…dare I say…whatever else comes to mind. If Firelands is quick, we can try there, too. It is still beautiful summer time here in North America, so I fully expect most folks to be soaking up the last rays; however, if you’re around, let’s go punch some dragons!

punch dragon


I have’t forgotten about the Survive Contest – results soon! Oh, and the player who submitted this has been summarily disqualified:

You couldn't survive a mosquito bite in that outfit.
You couldn’t survive a mosquito bite in that outfit.

See you soon!