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Carried away…

kellda green

I have been keeping this big, juicy secret for some time now — a gift of such rich generosity it is difficult to describe. Imagine wrapping up Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Lucille Ball all in one box and trying to keep all that under your hat, mister – ain’t easy. Things just want to bust out, you know? Well, our own Fairy Godmother of Azeroth traded her very hard-earned gold for a Gold Challenge Mode for me.

kellda beotch

The hardest part was deciding which character for the mog; when I looked at them all, it had to be Kellda. If it hadn’t been her, I would be typing this with little newt fingers on a lily pad somewhere with a wart on my tailbone. (Don’t piss off a warlock.) I won’t lie: there were more than a few mixed feelings in this. To be so completely carried, and not even manage to get a group of four other friends to try challenge modes¬†out makes me a little sad. I know great players, and I don’t totally suck, do I? (Don’t answer that.) They made it look so easy, but of course: they are pros. But I got over my pride and jumped in with both horns.


I want to go pro:

The other piece is that it is very expensive. Knowing Helke is like knowing royalty: did Cinderella ever thank her Fairy Godmother for those damn shoes? Doubtful. But I will: thank you, Helke. And thank you to the great team of Unlikely the Hunter, Teetsie the Tiny Tornado of Totally Terrific Terrorsauce (warlock), Antifu, Master Monk, Tricemus of Discipline, and of course, Kellda the Angry and Reselistntfully Lacking in BIS. These players can be found on the Madoran server, so if you have about 90K or so you don’t know what to do with, and want shines and ponies, look up Unlikely and give him a jingle. Tell him the warlock sent you.



PS I just love the line “little newt fingers.” Still giggling.