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Drabble: Dragonshadow

Kellrose Moonthorne
Kellrose Moonthorne

How does one cure a bruised ego? Other’s skepticism pushed the sternum, causing that inner, rotten fruit sensation of weakness. She knew that was false: others would always doubt. This was inevitable. Others would always compare, letting her know, clearly, she did not measure up to their shaky standards. She knew the truth: deeds spoke, and trust in those who listened. Kellrose flayed their minds, they fled in terror, and cast her own shadow of doubt in their hearts. Shadows, like water, were patient. Her weapon of choice: showers of darkness, and let the rains come down. She could wait.

Note: Tuesday night after waking up from the most amazing anesthisiology sleep ever, Neo allowed my very green shadow priest Kellrose to join their ten-man. They completely understood this was a low-level character, and as well it’s been odd to be so ‘far away from home.’ With three cloaks, my own little guild, and every profession imaginable to craft whatever a new character needs, from enchants to gems, it’s been a little challenging to get her raid-ready. But Neo’s guild is wonderful– sweet and funny, and always a pleasure. In any friendship, (going to make a new word: “guildship” ) there is a honeymoon phase, and then the inevitable mistakes happen, and critiques. I do not mind criticism or guidance-it’s how adults handle group situations that are the defining moments. So far, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them, and they’ve made me feel very welcome, and lessened my homesickness.

But I Want It NOW

licking pumpkin


Apparently I will do anything, and by God, ANYTHING to procrastinate from what I really have to do. I said to myself, in my sweetest rationalization voice, “Hey, it’s okay, why not get that other thing off the list? You know – where you are going to use some of your Blizz gift money and boost Kellrose Moonthorne (that is her name), and then move her over to Neo’s guild and server, Dragonblight?” Sure–I’ll just pop in Azeroth for a quick moment and get her bags cleaned up, give her some spending money, and send her own her way. And then I reached this obstacle:

kellrose damn



Not cool Blizz. You’re testing my patience. I’m sure there is some decent reason for this–gold laundering, AH infractions, something. Oh well. Not like she’s going anywhere. Guess I have time to spend on Timeless.


Now Sajja (saw-jah) as a Mistweaver proves to be a much more pleasant surprise. She still have relatively poor gear, no cloak, and no tier bonus, and yet, during Flex last night (which proved to be too frustrating for one rage-quitting mage and tried my dear friend Neo’s patience, too) she performed very well:

monk heals


I would transfer her to Neo’s guild but he told me he and another guildmate will be taking over heals for the next expansion, which makes a lot of sense, but needless to say they don’t require my healing skills. I also thought about asking my old guild if they need a monk healer, too, but am too shy to ask. Aw, who am I kidding? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And with healing numbers like these as a noob monk, not too shabby.

Need to learn patience from Sajja:

sajja zen