OLRG: Sharp Blades Edition

Just call me Grace.

Gosh almighty, give me one day off from work to go to see a doctor, fight pharmacists, and get laundry done and you’d think I’d won a gold medal or something. Yes, you see all the while I told you I was in Texas was really a cover for my Olympian figure-skating career–I was in Sochi the whole time. I only got the silver in the Women’s “Rock that Hat” competition, but kicked ass in the biathlon! I mean, really, who doesn’t love a woman who can ski AND SHOOT STUFF?

(I really do think this is an awesome event.)

Ladies, and Gentlemen, I hope you are around and free to go skiing with me in Firelands and…maybe…yes, let’s…go Flex something. Why the hell not? Anyone else have some ideas, too? I’m open to suggestions – the main thing is I just want to see you all!

So: Saturday, March 1 4PM Pacific – till then, mi amigos/amigas. Till then…

The "F" Word, Invisible Unicorn Horns, and the Bunny Bum Nibblers

This is a video NPR reposted this “crowboarding”-the cure for the ‘winter blahs.’ This immediately made me think of Tome. She and I have had a few conversations about what ‘fun’ means, and this crow definitely has the right idea. 

Now, a lot has been on my mind lately; a lot is on everyone’s mind. We all feel like we’re playing Whack-A-Mole constantly in real life. One thing gets done, two problems pop up. One place I do not want to feel anxiety is Azeroth. Stress, however, or a sense of competition, or achievement, now those things are not so bad. It may seem odd to include stress in that mix, but there exists a place for this emotion. It gets us going, gets us moving and shaking. Anxiety, however, not so much. One recurring personal theme of mine is that not everyone ‘gets me.’ It’s like an invisible unicorn horn on my forehead that remains unseen until poor communication draws it out, into the light, so everyone can see it and laugh. This metaphorical appendage is something I’ve learned to cope with, by and large. I don’t think too much about it until I have an exchange with someone and it’s clear my invisible unicorn horn is showing. 

Tuesday night I asked my GM if he had a preference about which character to bring to a 25-man. I have gotten the feeling from him I am a sub-standard enhancement and restoration shaman, (which I am) and there are a lot of good shamans in the guild so far. I think he misunderstood my question has having him make the decision for me, as opposed to try to help balance the group. I was told when WoD hits there was no place for ‘alt-hopping’ and he didn’t know why I didn’t like playing my shaman. 

Unicorn horn growing.

When it got down to it, since I’d never done SoO on my stupid-butt-die-and-die-again melee shaman, why not? Sure, sure my DPS/damage hovered near the #10-#15 slots. Sure. I was on time, and waited for about three other players, but they are key members of the guild and raid team, so of course we waited. One of our tanks, Hawt, is amazing. But we didn’t get through all that they wanted to. I kept thinking to myself damn that I don’t have my cloak yet on Zep or Momo–I have much more fun healing on Momokawa especially, but alas…no cloak. Now why Blizzard can’t f*cking make it one main, cloaks for all..anyway. 

So last night the gulid was talking about challenge modes. Again, me and my big horn. I said I wanted to try them because they sounded like fun, and I was quickly told they are not “fun” and while I tried to combat what I felt was negativity I made some jokes:

Sure enough, someone said the line – (being funny)

And I said something about how challenge modes had caused some issues in some guilds, but not for me and my attitude, and this next line cracked me up:

Obviously, I need to get to know Cevere and and Kazzta better! They seem like my kind of folks! (Note to self: next guild name, Bunny Bum Nibblers.) 

Moving on, was told “would sit back and eat popcorn” while I presumably failed if I tried challenge modes. Yup. I am going to fail. Over and over and over again. Just like the big kids. Just like Michael Jordan:

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

I was then told I misunderstood the popcorn comment. UNICORN HORN ACTIVATED. 
Oh well. Fuck it dude. Let’s go bowling.
In other news: TOME IS AWESOME. 
Just sayin.
She knows I have an invisible unicorn horn, and loves me anyway.
PS F stands for FUN

From Navimie…

Navimie has a lot on her mind right now: this just shows, again, how completely selfless and generous my sweet friend is:

Included in this epic poem was a Gregarious Grell – I named her Navikki. Notice my vanity in rubbing out the number (age). I know you all know how old I am. But in Azeroth I’m always 29….

Now, she had me cracking up laughing: she and I were talking about this on my Tuesday night. The big guild is trying to do 25-mans, and beforehand I asked my GM who he would like me to bring. The conversation I had with him is in keeping with a long-string of ‘lost in translation’ moments, but I’ll write about that later. In any case, I brought the shaman, who is melee, and sat in melee-spew all night:

Get me a mop, quick!

I just sat back and looked at this mess. I don’t know where to run, I don’t know how fast to move. Raid awareness goes in the sh*tter for me. But as my favorite guild tank, Hawt,  told me last night while she and I were reflecting on it, “at least I try.”

Anyway, what was cracking me up was Navi telling me since the poem was so long she spent so much time trying to kill things for postal money. I could totally relate! Too bad there isn’t an account “mail box” where you don’t need to go to such lengths to send a piece of mail in game. Gee, I don’t know, something like an world-wide server or something. Wonder if such a thing exists. Included in this feat of strength and epic writing, the Gregarious Grell is as cute as can be, and says very odd things:

This seemed too coincidental to be random word soup, so I did some research:

I have yet to play Portal, but have seen its inner workings played by far more leet players than I. And as Tome and I share book suggestions, after finishing Ready Player One, I’d better get my game on. The future depends on it. Nah, the future really depends on what it always has: love.

Lonesome George

This past week was great, no doubt. Yesterday Helke told me not to ‘neglect my shaman,’ (she is so clever!) so immediately I ran to her and her mailbox and inside was a mischievious Ashleaf Spriteling. I love those effing things!

George is very protective of his baby sprite…

Now, you may wonder why Haanta named her beautiful tortoise George. He’s named for George and the Dragon, and he thinks he’s a paladin. He’s incredibly protective, trustworthy, and caring. He is also an homage to Lonesome George, rest in peace, the last of his kind. 

Now, another tip I believe Helke gave me is pet-emote. I love it. And George did this this morning:

Gosh, I hope the real Lonesome George wasn’t as confused as mine. The rock was confused too.

Anyway, this song has nothing to do with George, Lonesome George, awesome pets, or misdirected libidos. Just enjoy.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Got my own Google Doodle!

Our internet is out this morning and I am somewhat embarrassed to try to post this from my phone. Today is my birthday and I just wanted to thank all of your friendships for they are truly some if the richest treasures a lady (?) could have! ((((Hug)))) to all if you! (Send well wishes of reconnectivity!)

Update: all connected, all happy, and you guys rock!