Matty Unplugged…

Onxie has nothing to do with this post: just thought it was adorable that she fell on this rafter with her imp and pet rat, Mocosa.

It is a good problem to have, having too many friends. I don’t believe you can have too many friends, actually. Last night I had an embarrassment of riches, however, and to one and all – I apologize. Tuesdays (and Thursdays) I usually need to take Cub somewhere (okay, he’s a Cub who shaves, but he’ll always be my Cub), and between goofing off in Azeroth, and getting used to my new computer, and some glitches, and add-ons, I hadn’t set up Vent yet, and there are just you know, things. I can plug in my monitor to the new computer, but even that gets a little wonky. Last night when I logged on Neo whispered me that there was a Flex, (on a Tuesday, cool!) but right before that Shoryl/Breige asked if I wanted to go to Reloaded’s 25-man. I said sure if I could heal, but never heard back from her, so just assumed Log didn’t need anyone, or specifically me since my last performance on my old computer was so dismal. I have noticed that my framerate has nearly tripled, though, so that’s cool. Anyway, so off I went with Neo on Kellrose, the Most Unluckiest RNG Priest in All of the World; getting gear and coins for her as been a struggle. Her dps was terrible – she’s still wearing boosted gear which is shit, and has an LFR staff. Neo and his guild is totally fine with that, but at the same moment we finished Thok, Shoryl asked if I wanted to go again, and I thought maybe this would be my redemption on Sajja, the monk healer.

It wasn’t.

Oh well.

Still trying to figure out monk healing, and that’s going to take some time and practice. Did get some decent gear though – tier chest piece, so almost to 4-piece set, new boots, and gloves, but I had pretty good gloves. I never did get the chance to get Vent going last night, and that felt more odd than I thought it would. I certainly didn’t like being “all capped” in Raid Announcements, (I clicked on the loot box to take a peek, not knowing the loot master couldn’t see it -was so embarrassed when I got blasted in the RA). But I loved being there with Hawt, Turk, and Breige. Twenty-five man groups still feel a bit unweildy, but it’ll all work out. I died once when I didn’t run far enough away from Skull Cracker, and on the adds in Nourshen. Not sure why they weren’t dead or dying and ate my pretty monk face, but whatev. Turk told me to install VEM and SKULL CRACKER and embarrassed, I said, I have VEM, I love it, I saw the Skull Cracker happened, and tried to get out of the way, but didn’t get far enough. At one point, my screen went completely black. What?! NOOOOO! Now I’ll be really judged! I thought it was an epic dc, but alas. no, just my nervousness about going with Reloaded, and I forgot to plug in the laptop. Um, electricity is still needed to perform magic. (Damn I am a dork.) It doesn’t matter. Folks have formed their opinions of me, and can’t do too much to change minds. I’m just glad I have good friends who know me, and what happens behind the scenes.

For example, the other thing folks don’t see is CD Rogue comes home around raid time, and inevitably I die. What’s the correlation? Does he come home, see that I’m playing and toss my keyboard out the window and put my hard-drive in the microwave? No, hardly. He is not a raider, and I feel guilty if I don’t say hello, how was your day, blah blah blah blah. One of my pet peeves is the term “wife aggro.” It implies fishwife shrews not understanding the ‘menfolk’ playing a GAME. I am not going to start saying “hubby-aggro” to counter its sexist undertones. Life is life. Neo has often said his guild understands family, life, etc., and I believe they do. I hope that’s true.

Anyway – I hope I can come along for Tuesday nights on Sajja, and then do Flex on other nights with Neo. Whatever works. But between 6:30-7:30, I will be looking away from my screen at some moment to say hello to CD Rogue. And ask if he remembered to bring home some wine.

2 thoughts on “Matty Unplugged…”

  1. Oh nice! I’ve managed to do one flex raid this expansion which was great for a change and you do have some good friends there.

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